Angelina Jolie allegedly screamed at Brad Pitt during their recent meeting regarding the custody of their five minor children. According to Globe, Jolie told Pitt that he will never be able to take her kids away amid their ongoing custody battle.

The exes have allegedly been bickering over their children. And Jolie doesn’t think that giving Pitt right over their kids is the right thing to do.

Weeks ago, Us Weekly revealed that Pitt has been asking for 50/50 physical and legal custody of Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox. But a source said that the only way for Jolie to agree to this is if Pitt would allow her to relocate with their kids.

Now, a source told Globe that Jolie doesn’t want to have a compromise with Pitt. In fact, the Unbroken director is allegedly willing to spend her $100 million fortune just to make sure that she will have full custody of her children.

Pitt allegedly told Jolie that he’s not trying to take the kids away from Jolie. But as their father, he has the right to be with them. However, when Jolie heard what Pitt had to say, she allegedly screamed at her ex-husband.

Meanwhile, it has just been revealed that Jolie’s request to remove the judge in his custody case has been denied.

Months ago, Jolie claimed that Judge John W. Ouderkirk’s connection with Pitt’s lawyers is a cause for concern in her ongoing custody battle. As such, the Maleficent star urged the court to remove the judge from the case.

But Pitt’s legal team argued that Jolie has also known the judge for years. After all, Ouderkirk was the one that officiated their wedding in 2014.  

Ouderkirk released a statement saying that he promises to be impartial when making a decision on Jolie and Pitt’s case.

And it has recently been revealed that Jolie’s request was denied by the Superior Court of California. In a statement, they said that the judge isn’t disqualified from serving as a temporary judge in the case.

Another source told Daily Mail that Jolie was the one that brought Ouderkirk to their custody battle. And what the actress is doing is trying to get the referee removed late in the game simply because she doesn’t like the outcome.

The court ruling, which was released on Monday, also revealed that the judge did his part in disclosing everything that he needed to share before handling Jolie and Pitt’s custody case.