Shawn Mendes opened up about his relationship and how Camila Cabello impacted his life in a big way. The 22-year-old singer and songwriter has been vocal about his personal and professional life and always believed in sharing things with his fans.

The singer is currently promoting his forthcoming album, Wonder, during a press tour while he also noted his upcoming documentary on Netflix, In Wonder. In an interview with VMAN magazine, the singer revealed details of his love life to host Elton John and, of course, spoke about his new routine of being open about almost everything going on in his life.

The singer has been dating Cabello for over a year now while they know each other for the last seven years. Mendes addressed the 23-year-old singer as a calm soul, who successfully made him a calm person too. The singer admitted that for seven years, he kept away from his friends and family members.

Although he acknowledged that it could be a "men thing" or a "me thing," but he was working with blinders on and didn't stay in touch with anyone. However, after Mendes came across the former Fifth Harmony band member, he realized the importance of family.

Mendes explained that Cabello used to stay connected with her friends and family, which made him feel like calling her mother. Fast forward today, he is more connected to his friends and family while he disclosed feeling lonely before.

The singer also revealed how much she impacted his work, even before she came into his life as a girlfriend. The I Know What You Did Last Summer star said that Wonder music album's track called Song for No One was originally written three years back before the album was conceptualized.

Mendes disclosed he was a little hungover as he played the song for the first time on his guitar and noted that he wasn't dating Cabello at that time. However, he wished that she was with him. The singer was with a producer, who asked him to keep the song as he has a "grand idea" for this track.

"It goes from this beautiful minor progression string swell to this massive '60s fill and opens up into a major progression with horns and string and harp parts," he explained. He confessed that he has no clue why that song gets him every time, but there is something special in that track.