It seems Demi Lovato is going to make all the bold moves possible since her break up with her ex-fiance, Max Ehrich. The 28-year-old singer and actress is likely to send a "moved on" message loud and clear with her latest makeover.

The multi-talented star recently got a new haircut and colored herself blonde while fans couldn't get enough of the new look. Lovato proved that one has to be confident enough to pull off the semi-bald and blonde look at the same time within a week's time.

The Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga star took Instagram to reveal her latest shaved look on Nov. 18. She shared a bunch of pictures in which she flaunted the back of her hair while donning a leather jacket in black shade.

The cropped undercut picture took netizens with a storm as they kept praising the singer. Besides fans, even celebrities like Ruby Rose and Ashley Graham praised the singer for her bold look. The musician captioned her pictures while disclosing that she did "a thing," to which Rose responded, "yes, you did."

Angelo Kritikos, Lovato’s photographer, took the picture and shared it on his Instagram while teasing fans in the caption if they are already obsessed with the new era and then asked who wants to have a glimpse of her front look.

Although fans went crazy on social media and wondering if this new look is for the upcoming album. Siena, Demi's wardrobe stylist, confirmed the "new era" remark and mentioned on her Instagram that this is the "next chapter."

Paul Norton, who is the singer's hairstylist and worked with Amber Maynard Bolt before, said, "YOU GOT MOXY KID." The singer's blonde look was first revealed during the People's Choice Award, which was hosted by her as she donned Naeem Khan's outfit.

Since the breakup of the singer with Ehrich, it seems she is doing everything possible to heal herself from the pain. On the other hand, the 29-year-old actor seemed to have found his new love. The actor was recently spotted on the beach with singer Mariah Angeliq in an intimate moment.

There is no hidden secret that Ehrich is in love with beaches as he proposed to Lovato for the first time in a romantic setting on a beach. However, now he was spotted kissing and taking pictures with his new girlfriend. The pictures were shared on social media after Lovato took a dig at her relationship during an event.