George Clooney had been a confirmed bachelor till he met his wife, Amal Clooney. He was head over heels with her, and the rest is history. The Hollywood heartthrob has now poured his heart out and revealed that his life changed significantly after meeting the lawyer.

The Batman & Robin actor got acquainted with the renowned human rights lawyer seven years ago. He took her out on a date at London’s famous Abbey Studios soon after. The pair was madly in love and got engaged quickly before they got married in Italy in 2014. 

The Descendants star opened up about some interesting personal details while recently interacting with GQ. He narrated how he met a tragic accident while riding his motorcycle at high speed. The accident occurred more than a year ago when his bike hit a four-wheeler. 

The actor not only lost his shoes but banged against the windshield of the car with his helmet. For a moment, he thought he had lost all his teeth. While the accident was a major one, he scraped through a minor neck surgery later.

George had initially thought that he could be paralyzed, as that was the case with the majority of motorcyclists who bang into a car. The accident took place when his twins were around a year old. 

He thought he was going to die and would never meet the kids again. Perhaps that was one of those moments when the actor realized how precious his kids were to him. The actor also admitted that Amal prohibited him from riding a motorbike again and obeying her. 

Looking back, the actor recollects that he was happy as a bachelor and had never even imagined getting married to someone and having kids (via People Magazine). It was that period of his life when he thought he had good friends and doing well professionally, which were the most important things in his life. 

George Clooney only realized that there was a big vacuum in his life after he met Amal Clooney. Also, when he became a father for the first time, he realized how the twins' lives were more important to him than his own. 

The couple welcomed their twins in 2017, three years after they got married. His children’s birth made him realize the deeper meaning of life and gave him unlimited joy. Clooney also revealed how he felt looking at his babies, who were tiny and had to be fed (via Harper’s Bazaar). 

Contrary to several speculations about their marriage being rocky, it is obvious that George Clooney and Amal Clooney is a happily married couple.