A report seems to suggest that there is trouble between George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney as the lawyer does not like her husband to be close to Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

An outlet recently claimed that the human rights lawyer has barred the Welsh actress from entering into her husband’s inner circle. The report further purported that the Clooneys had a major fight when George, allegedly, reunited with his previous co-star.

Anonymous sources insist that while George is working on a new script where he and Zeta-Jones are likely to act together, his wife has warned him that he can work with anyone other than his former co-star. 

The unnamed insider purported that Zeta-Jones has lots of similarities with Amal. Also, the source feels that the actress and George share an amazing chemistry. While The Mask of Zorro actress and Michael Douglas are married for many years now, Amal is not keen on her spouse spending too much time with the stunning actress on a movie set. 

However, the outlet also mentioned that George tried to convince his wife that nothing of that sort is going to happen. Yet, the noted human rights lawyer, allegedly, has reasons to feel worried, according to the dubious insider. 

It seems that George Clooney told his wife Amal Clooney to not interfere where his work is concerned. The anonymous tipster also said that Catherine Zeta-Jones and the actor have been in constant touch recently because the latter has to refine his script. 

The dubious insider claims that Amal could have given an ultimatum to her husband as he is not listening to her request. There are contradictions in the report and its misleading headline.

While the headline hints that the former co-stars are having an affair, the narrative simply mentions Amal is envious of the Welsh actress. Also, no prominent publications have covered the news of the actor working on a new script. 

The last time Zeta-Jones and George were seen together in a film was about 15 years ago in Ocean’s Twelve. Additionally, both these former co-stars are happily married to their respective partners, Gossip Cop reports. 

Although the Clooneys are married for more than five years now, they have been a popular target for some tabloids. Their names have often been dragged into nasty divorce rumors. However, despite their busy careers, the couple has maintained a united front, New Idea reports. 

As of date, there is no solid piece of evidence to prove that Amal Clooney is upset with George Clooney for, allegedly, planning to work with Catherine Zeta-Jones and sharing a close bond with her.