A tabloid has contended that actor George Clooney does not want to act with Margot Robbie in any film because she would be appearing in David O. Russell’s next movie.

Reports have it that Russell and Clooney had a feud while shooting for Three Kings and the actor is upset with Robbie because of this. A publication reported that while the Batman & Robin star wanted to work with the actress for several upcoming movies, he banned her from all future films as she is now associated with Russell.

Meanwhile, sources mention that the actress was extremely thrilled at the prospect of working with Clooney. However, now that she is aware of why they would not be working together, she has decided to be strong and do not let that bother her, according to insiders. 

Does that mean that Robbie’s fate will be the same as Mark Whalberg? Whalberg did not take the side of the Up in the Air actor when he was at loggerhead with Russell while filming for Three Kings.

It seems Clooney nurtures a grudge against him since then. Meanwhile, Robbie is all set to work with the director in his upcoming film. 

The report's body was not in sync with the headline as it simply pointed out that George Clooney has a history of blacklisting some successful actors in Hollywood out of spite and does not want to work with them. 

While the headline of the report indicates that Clooney has banned Margot Robbie to work with him, the content is just about the actor’s grievance, Gossip Cop reports. 

In other news, the Academy Award-winning actor would be seen in a Netflix film called The Midnight Sky. The film is tipped to be science fiction and its first teaser was released recently. 

The teaser gives a sneak peek of the film and features Clooney in a different look where the actor sports grey hair and beard. The film’s trailer also shows how a radio signal is encountering problems to connect to another side. 

Clooney not only acts in the movie but is also its director and producer. The actor portrays the lead character of a scientist called Augustin Lofthouse in this film, Republic World reports. 

The actor, along with other celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Chris Evans, are trying to collect funds to help the veterans of the armed forces in America through a celebrity auction initiative. 

George Clooney, 59, will be placing his Omega Globemasters watch on this auction, which will be personally autographed by him, Daily Mail reports.