Adele, allegedly, spent millions to look good.

According to New Idea, Adele shocked the world with her stunning weight loss. And even the singer poked fun at her appearance during her stint in Saturday Night Live.

Adele said that due to the restrictions of COVID-19, she was only allowed to travel with half of her body. And she chose the half that the fans were seeing on television.

But according to Dr. Dave E. David, who is dubbed as a surgeon to the stars, Adele’s makeover must have come with a hefty tag price. After all, it’s possible that she spent nearly $5 million on plastic surgery.

According to David, there is no denying the fact that Adele looks good. And her face might have changed a lot because of her extreme weight loss. However, it’s also possible that she has gone under the knife to look better.

“There’s the possible tapering of her nose, which could be achieved without a full nose job. And possibly fillers and Botox around the eyes and jawline. She was very beautiful before, but who knew she had such symmetric bone structure,” he said.

David also said that it’s highly likely that Adele got a few nips and tucks and sucks after she lost so much weight. Since her skin must have lost its elasticity, it’s possible that the singer just had it removed altogether.

The source also said that Adele must have undergone the VelaShape cellulite treatment, stem cell facials. The singer must have also gotten a laser on her cellulite.

Adele must have also tried the white caviar masks and diamond and ruby face peels that have fat freezing functions.

On top of all these, Adele, reportedly, worked so hard in the gym. And the singer also gave up her favorite sweets and snacks.

After her weight loss, Adele, reportedly, has so much energy now that her 8-year-old son can’t even keep up with her.

The tabloid’s source said that Adele decided to lose weight, not because other people told her to. When she was started in the industry, she didn’t care what people thought and she’s not about to care now.

As of late, Adele has not talked about her weight loss. And the singer hasn’t also shared her weight loss secrets with her fans. According to SELF, if Adele is not making a big deal out of her weight loss, other people should stay mum about it.