Meghan Markle, allegedly, fears that singer Adele would fall head over heels for her husband, Prince Harry.

According to Woman’s Day, Adele issued Prince Harry an open invitation and told him that he can come to visit her in Los Angeles anytime he wants.

Adele, allegedly, told the Duke of Sussex that she has an open bar at home, and this is making Markle worry.

“Meghan’s worked really hard to turn Harry into a green-juice drinking vegan and to do that she basically had to take away all his bad influences. Enter Adele, who lives five minutes away from them in Beverly Hills now and has issued an open invitation for Harry to come over and enjoy her open bar. She and Harry get along famously, and he reverts to his cheeky, party-loving ways around her. You can’t help yourself around her – she has such a wicked sense of humor and loves a pint – just the type Harry used to love hanging around with,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Markle has become even more worried about Adele lost an incredible 45kg. And since the singer is single, she thinks that there’s a possibility that Adele could fall in love with Prince Harry.

During a previous interview with Glamour, Adele acknowledged her previous statement about not dating gingers. But she said that she would make an exception for Prince Harry.

The source said that Markle doesn’t have any knowledge about Adele’s interview. But the singer said that if she’s with Prince Harry, she would be a duchess. Adele also thinks that she would always have a good laugh with Archie’s dad.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. It is unlikely for Adele to be interested in dating Prince Harry especially since she’s aware that he’s married to Markle.

It is possible that the tabloid published the dubious story after reports swirled that Adele has been staying close to Prince Harry and Markle’s home in Los Angeles.

According to Mirror, Adele forged a friendship with the Sussexes shortly after they moved to the United States. A source said that the singer has also been helping the royal couple by giving them parenting tips.

The singer, reportedly, recommended a local school that Prince Harry and Markle should consider if they want to enroll their 1-year-old son.