2020 is a year with a lot of disappointments, so it is no shock if there will be another bad news coming our way.

Hollywood has been greatly suffering from the Pandemic's effects, almost all production of movies have been stalled and shockingly enough, several Hollywood couple has called it quits during the lockdown.

Apparently, ‘Gossip Girl’ alum Blake Lively is getting the jitters after it was revealed that her husband, Ryan Reynolds, will be starring alongside Sandra Bullock in another film.

According to Hollywood reports, the actress is worried over the pairing as insiders reveal to Gossip Cop that Ryan is actually attracted to the ‘Blind Side’ actress.

Reynolds and Bullock starred together in one movie already. ‘The Proposal,’ a romantic comedy, did well commercially and the chemistry between the two actors was undeniable.

Reports have revealed that Blake Lively’s uneasiness regarding the two starring alongside each other once again steams from Reynolds eagerness for the team-up.

This is rumored to be causing massive ‘tension’ between the couple. Sources have debunked this as revealed by National Enquirer, saying that Blake trusts Ryan.

The rumor continues to explain that Blake should not feel assured with her husband and Sandra Bullock making a movie again.

“He’s known to have a huge soft spot for Sandra and lights up whenever she comes up in conversation. It’s obvious she holds a special place in his heart, and Blake isn’t thrilled about it!” An insider reveals.

Sandra Bullock has addressed the rumors between her and Reynolds, saying that he is just a friend that she has known for 10 years now.

The new movie will be far from ‘The Proposal’ and rumors have it that the two will star in an Action-Romance movie instead of a romantic comedy.

“The Lost City Of D” is the rumored title of their upcoming film together and Sandra Bullock will be producing the movie as well as starring in it.

Ryan Reynolds has been keeping busy as well. With the success of the ‘Deadpool’ franchise, the actor has it all going for him, so Blake Lively should rightly so be worried about his upcoming movie with Sandra Bullock.

But according to some reports, Blake Lively is actually more excited for Ryan Reynolds to play alongside Sandra Bullock than he is and that the mother of three is not the jealous type.

Blake and Ryan are still together and share three children.