Adele has, allegedly, been flirting with a slew of A-listers since her split from Simon Konecki in September 2019.

According to New Idea, Adele’s recent target in the romance department is Brad Pitt. Both A-listers are single right now, and this may be the only reason why they are being linked to each other.

The tabloid’s misleading headline claims that Adele was the one that made a move on Pitt. But upon closer inspection, the article focuses on how smitten Pitt is over the British singer.

In fact, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband is, allegedly, worried that Adele might not be that interested in him as he is interested in her. And the dad of six also, allegedly, knows that Adele is not ready to settle down.

Still, this didn’t stop the tabloid from saying that Adele and Pitt are flirting with each other.

After losing a considerable amount of weight, a source claimed the Adele has been putting herself more out there romantically. And she and Pitt have recently been sharing a bit of banter with each other.

“Brad not only thinks she’s beautiful, but she has him in stitches of laughter whenever they hang out or chat on the phone. She’s got a potty mouth which appeals to Brad given his conservative upbringing,” the source said.

According to the insider, Pitt hopes that he and Adele would have a real shot. Unfortunately, the Ad Astra actor doesn’t, allegedly, know if the singer feels the same way about him.

Meanwhile, Pitt isn’t the only A-list personality that Adele is being linked to. Months ago, several tabloids created a bogus storyline that Prince Harry was relying on Adele for emotional support.

The Duke of Sussex was, allegedly, struggling with his new life in Los Angeles. But he’s lucky because Adele, who happens to, allegedly, be his good friend, lives close to his home in Beverly Hills.

According to an unnamed source, Prince Harry has been sneaking behind his wife’s back so that he could hang out and drink with Adele.

The insider also said that Markle found out about her husband’s whereabouts from their staff at home. And the Duchess of Sussex was, allegedly, furious.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Adele and Prince Harry didn’t flirt with each other months ago.

And the singer isn’t also flirting with Pitt right now.