The Crown star Emma Corrin has been sharing details from the upcoming season, as well as her portrayal of Princess Diana in the Netflix series.

During her interview with Vogue, Corrin said that everyone was shocked to see her wearing Princess Diana’s wedding gown on set. The actress revealed that everyone went completely silent because out of everything else that she wore during filming, the wedding gown felt so much like Princess Diana.

While speaking with Glass magazine, Corrin said that she also knew the burden of playing the role of Princess Diana in the series. But she had to set these thoughts aside if she wanted to give the role justice.

The actress also confirmed that Princess Diana’s eating disorder will be highlighted in The Crown Season 4. And this is such a sensitive topic even when the Princess of Wales was still alive.

In fact, during her interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama, Princess Diana said that she suffered from bulimia for several years. However, she was forced to keep her struggles a secret for fear of being judged.

The Princess of Wales explained that her eating disorder started after realizing that her self-esteem was love and there was also a time when she felt that she was not valuable.

After eating four to five times a day and getting comfort from eating, Princess Diana realized that this comforting feeling is just temporary. Then whenever she would be bloated and disgusted with herself, she would try to throw up her food to make her feel better.

When Bashir asked how often Princess Diana engaged in this pattern, she said that it all depends on the pressures that were going on in her life at that particular time.

Princess Diana also said that instead of receiving help from the people around her, they put the blame on her for suffering from bulimia. Everyone became convinced that she was the problem because she was unstable.

However, no one realized that what Princess Diana was doing was a cry for help. Instead, they continued to put the blame on Prince William and Prince Harry's mom.