Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, dating again. But she’s not just hanging out with one man.

According to Star, Aniston recently rekindled her romance with Gerard Butler. However, they are both aware that they are not exclusively dating.

“Things started slowly, with Zoom calls and texts and that led to a series of meetups at Jen’s house. Since then, they’ve been catching up on old times, watching movies, and cooking dinner together. It’s all on the down-low, and that’s a big part of the fun,” the source said.

Even though Butler’s smitten with Aniston, he’s, allegedly, aware that they’re not exclusive. And he doesn’t have any problem with it.

The Friends star is also, allegedly, dating a slew of other men right now. One of them is a tech mogul and another one is a yoga instructor. Aniston is also, allegedly, hanging out with a chef and a pro athlete.

“Dating’s been a great distraction for her and has been helping her take her mind off all the doom and gloom that’s going on in the world. Jen’s had so much fun this summer and she’s happy to keep it going until she gets bored or till she finds a great guy to settle down with exclusively,” the source said.

OK! magazine also published a similar story about Aniston by saying that she’s dating a mystery man. And just like her ex-husband Brad Pitt, her mystery date is, allegedly, much younger than her.

“Jen’s keeping this quiet for now because it’s so new. But anyone can tell she’s in love. He’s an actor Jen met through mutual friends a while ago, and she always found him attractive. She let their pals know she was crushing on him and found out he liked her too,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims of both tabloids with a grain of salt. It doesn’t take much effort to realize that the tabloids are claiming that Aniston is dating because Pitt is also dating.

Before the actor made his relationship with Nicole Poturalski public, the tabloids kept saying that the exes are getting back together. Now that Pitt is no longer a singer, they have started saying that Aniston is also back in the dating scene.

One of the very obvious indications that Aniston’s rumored love life is patterned from Pitt’s relationship is with the tabloid’s claim that the actress is dating a much younger man. Pitt’s girlfriend is 29 years his senior.