Jennifer Aniston will, allegedly, come face to face with Angelina Jolie in court after the former’s been asked to serve as a character witness for Brad Pitt.

According to Woman’s Day, Pitt asked Aniston to take his side in his ongoing custody battle against Jolie. And the Ad Astra actor couldn’t be happier that Aniston said yes.

“Brad has done everything asked of him, accepted everything Angelina threw at him, and then some. And for a while there, it seemed they had come to some sort of peace treaty – until Angelina started playing dirty again last month,” the source said.

Pitt didn’t also, allegedly, like the fact that Jolie requested the judge in their case to be removed. The actor saw this as a delaying tactic, which Jolie has been doing since 2014.

“Brad was stunned she would do this after more than three years of agreeing that the judge should oversee the case and is telling friends that it’s her way of hanging on to custody of the kids. It was made even worse when she leaked to the press that she wants to move to London and take them with her – meaning they would rarely get to see Brad at all,” the source said.

Following Pitt and Jolie’s endless back and forth, the actor, allegedly, decided to ask Aniston to be a character witness for him. The Friends star is, allegedly, writing a glowing affidavit so that she’ll be prepared when she’s called to the stand.

“Jen and Brad are close again and she hates watching Angelina tear him down like this when he’s worked so hard to change. She did the same to Jen back when Brad dumped her for Ange, so Jen would be lying if this wasn’t personal for her, either,” the source said.

And the insider also said that it’s no coincidence that Pitt made his relationship public and he also joined a table read with Aniston shortly after Jolie made her request.

“Make no mistake, this is getting even uglier still and it’s shaping up to be the Hollywood divorce trial of the century,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. There is no reason for Aniston to take the stand in Pitt and Jolie’s case. After all, she is no longer with Pitt.