Jennifer Aniston is being linked to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ongoing custody battle.

Earlier this week, Woman’s Day claimed that Aniston will testify in court because she’s one of the few people that know Pitt very well.

A source claimed that Pitt was the one that asked Aniston’s help, and the Friends star agreed. As such, Aniston is, allegedly, preparing a glowing affidavit about Pitt so that the court would grant him and Jolie 50/50 joint physical custody of their children.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Woman’s Day is known to be stretching the truth with regards to Pitt and Aniston’s relationship.

Even though the A-listers are still friends today, Aniston has nothing to do with her ex-husband’s custody battle. As such, she won’t be called to the stand, and she doesn’t also need to write a glowing affidavit for Pitt.

The rumor-debunking site exposed the tabloid for publishing dubious stories about Aniston and Pitt. For instance, they previously claimed that the couple was expecting twin girls.

A source told the tabloid that Aniston and Pitt’s reunion at the SAG awards was even more special because it is where they indirectly confirmed their baby news.

Aniston wore a wrinkly white dress to the awards show and the source claimed that this was her way of hiding her growing baby bump. Still, eagle-eyed fans claimed that they noticed that Aniston was sporting the so-called pregnancy glow and assumed that she’s expecting twins.

"It would make sense for her to have twins rather than just one. Two kids with Brad was Jennifer's dream in the '90s when they got together, and word is she's finally got her wish,” the source said.

Even though Aniston previously said that she wanted to have two kids with Pitt, this doesn’t guarantee that she will get pregnant with twins. As such, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

Two years ago, Woman’s Day also published the same story about Pitt and Aniston. They claimed that the A-listers were expecting their first child together. If this was the case, they should’ve already welcomed the baby nine months later.

However, this never happened. Aniston and Pitt don’t have a child together. And Aniston has never been pregnant either.