The pandemic has ravaged the globe for almost 8 months now, and there have been many changes in the rules of socialization. The British royal family is no exception to these changes, and like everyone else, they have to sacrifice certain parts of their lives. 

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced a new law this week, wherein it is called ‘rule of six’. 

According to this law, no more than six people should gather in an event. That applies to family and social gatherings.

This has affected the Duchess of Cambridge very much. Kate Middleton who’s parents have been away from her and her family since the lockdown has been imposed may not be able to see their grandchildren at all.

Kate Middleton, is very close to her parents, Carole, 65 and Michael Middleton, 71. The lockdown meant that Carole and Michael were unable to visit the Cambridges and see their grandchildren.

Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their lockdown in Anmer Hall in Norfolk, away from their home in London, Kensington Palace.

The two who have three children together, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis has abided to the strict lockdown rules and choosing not to live with the Queen or Kate’s parents.

The rule of six, which will be imposed on September 14, calls for people to limit their activities and the people they mingle with.

Both Carole and Michael are at high risk for the Coronavirus but it also means that they might not be able to see their royal grandchildren until the new rule has been lifted.

PM Boris has yet to comment on when the ‘rule of six’ will be obsolete.

The Queen and Prince Philip, on the other hand, were able to see their grandchildren. Kate and William decided to visit them up in Scotland in Balmoral to spend the summer holidays with the sovereign.

The Cambridges stayed for a week with the Queen and Prince Philip, wherein Prince Andrew later joined them. The Queen is said to leave Balmoral sooner than expected and will be staying in Sandringham until deemed unnecessary.

Currently, Prince William and Kate Middleton and their three kids are back in London as school has started again for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, commented on the possibility of many grandparents being unable to visit their grandchildren, which he said that their goal is not to separate family but due to older people being more vulnerable to the virus, the rule was a necessary one.