The British royal family is an outstanding institution, which has seen many great people rise from their ranks. One of these outstanding people is the Duke of Edinburg himself, Prince Philip, who is the husband of the Queen has been one of the longest-serving royal in the history of the British Monarchy. 

Prince Philip, or lovingly known as the Duke of Edinburgh, is 99 years old this year and despite his age, he is still very active.

But the Prince has already chosen the life of a quite noble, last 2017 the Prince announced his retirement from his royal service.

The Duke of Edinburgh was 94 when he decided to step down from his royal duties. His younger counterparts, royals like Prince Edward, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles has taken over his duties since his retirement.

There have also been numerous rumors that the Duke of Edinburgh has chosen a life away from the Queen.

Although it is true that the Prince has chosen to live in Sandringham, specifically at Wood Farm after his retirement, the rumors oh him not visiting the Queen in Buckingham palace is not true.

Many believe that the Prince has decided to separate himself from the Queen but contrary to that, royal biographers claim that it is the exact opposite.

Royal author, Hugo Vickers, revealed that the Prince and the Queen are still very much living together and that the rumors of the Duke of Edinburgh removing himself from the Queen’s presence is totally absurd.

He does believe that Prince Philip loves living in Wood Farm, wherein he is able to move freely without being criticized. He also spends a lot of time reading and painting at Wood Farm.

Prince Philip has also created a truffle farm while in his retirement.

Mr. Vickers has claimed that the Queen visits Prince Philip several times a year at Wood Farm and would even do menial jobs while at the farm.

“It’s right down on the coast, quite remote, very ungrand. The Queen actually goes there quite a lot. It’s a myth to say Prince Philip is sitting there all by himself. She quite often goes up on the train to see him,” Vickers said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

It is also untrue that Prince Philip has never visited the Queen in London and has only kept in touch with her through phoning her.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are very much still together and are phenomenally inseparable.