The investigation on Joss Whedon’s alleged abusive behavior on the set of the Justice League movie takes another turn as WarnerMedia claims that actor Ray Fisher, who first floated the allegations, has not been cooperating with the investigation. Fisher has now responded to those claims.

NME reports that Fisher called out the film studio in two tweets, describing the statement as a scattershot and desperate attempt to discredit him. He also attached a screenshot of an email he sent to his team that claims the investigator was with Warner Bros. Pictures and not WarnerMedia and included another person on the line that he was not made aware of.

Fisher then followed it up with a tweet that he had been saying since last month that he would be vetting the investigator handling the case so that the process remains fair and the witnesses involved would be protected.

The statement from Warner Bros escalates things to a different level, says Fisher, but he assured his followers that he is ready to meet the challenge.

The Hollywood Reporter also adds that Fisher had also called out DC Films president Walter Hamada, claiming that Hamada was willing to throw former Warner Bros. co-president of production Jon Berg and Whedon under the bus to protect former DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer, Geoff Johns.

A representative for Warner Bros. responded by saying that Fisher’s claims about Hamada were false, saying that Hamada had no involvement in Justice League when it was being filmed. The representative also insisted that Hamada had not yet made any judgments regarding the investigation being conducted.

The investigation being made on Whedon follows the one WarnerMedia conducted with regards to the allegations of a toxic work environment and incidents of racism and sexual harassment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The investigation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show has resulted in the firing of three senior producers from the show.

Aside from Whedon and DeGeneres, a number of other Hollywood personalities have been called out for alleged misbehavior on the shows or films that they run. Peter Lenkov, the former runner of the television show MacGyver, was called out by the show’s star Lucas Till, who claimed that he was body-shamed, verbally abused, and bullied.

Lea Michele was also called out for her behavior on the set of Glee by her former co-star, Samantha Ware. According to Ware, Michele made her life on the set of Glee “a living hell.” Because of Ware’s allegations, Michele ended up losing a partnership with the brand HelloFresh because of the allegations.