WarnerMedia is conducting yet another investigation surrounding allegations of abusive behavior on the set of one of their productions. After conducting one for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, WarnerMedia will now look into Justice League and actor Ray Fisher’s allegations.

Variety reports that an investigation will be conducted by WarnerMedia regarding the circumstances during the filming of Justice League after actor Ray Fisher’s constant allegations that unprofessional behavior was prevalent on the set.

Fisher also spoke about the internal investigation, tweeting that an independent third-party investigation was being conducted about the supposed toxic conditions on the set of the Justice League reshoots. Fisher also tweeted that he believes the investigation would find director Joss Whedon, former Warner Bros. co-president of production Jon Berg, and former DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns guilty of abusing their power.

Fisher’s allegations of abuse against Joss Whedon first began in July, when he tweeted that he was retracting a statement he made back in 2017 praising Whedon and heralding the choice of him as a replacement to Zack Snyder, who had to leave Justice League because of personal reasons.

Instead, Fisher alleged that Whedon displayed behavior that was “completely unacceptable” on set and called him gross, abusive, and unprofessional. Fisher also labeled as enablers Berg and Johns, accusing them of tolerating Whedon’s alleged unprofessional behavior.

While Fisher claims that the investigation in the supposed misconduct on the Justice League set has only just begun, Deadline reports that WarnerMedia actually began investigating his allegations as soon as he had made them last July.

Deadline also quotes a source as saying that the investigation being conducted in connection with Fisher’s allegations will not be done publicly to preserve its integrity. The source also assured the outlet that the investigation will be efficient and thorough.

According to the source, Whedon, Johns, and Berg have not been pre-judged by WarnerMedia, and that the investigation could also extend to other people involved in the production.

This investigation follows the one WarnerMedia recently conducted with regards to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. That investigation leads to the firing of three of the show’s senior producers and the introduction of new perks for the workers on the show.

Aside from DeGeneres, Whedon, Berg, and John, another name called out for abusive behavior on set is Peter Lenkov, the former showrunner of MacGyver. Series star Lucas Till accused Lenkov of body-shaming, bullying, and verbal abuse. The mistreatment was so intense that Till claims it made him think suicidal thoughts.