Prince Charles was reportedly involved in a major controversy years ago after he was accused of expressing his delight over Queen Elizabeth’s abdication.

In the book “William’s Princess,” royal author Robert Jobson detailed how a St. James’s Palace aide tried to tarnish Prince Charles’ reputation by spreading the rumor.

At that time, Prince Charles was also accused of trying to enforce his position as the heir to the throne. If and when the Queen abdicates, Prince Charles will immediately take over her position.

But according to Jobson, when the Queen found out that someone was trying to spread rumors about Prince Charles, she became furious. The monarch immediately phoned Prince Charles to ask what was really going on.

“He knew nothing about it but agreed with his mother that a joint statement should be issued in which Charles would stress his abiding admiration and affection for the Queen,” Jobson wrote.

Prince Charles then told his staff that if any one of them is found guilty of spreading the massive lie, they would be fired from their position. After weeks of investigation, Prince Charles and the Queen never found out who was spreading the lies about them.

Meanwhile, the Queen and Prince Charles have always had a complicated relationship with each other. According to reports, the monarch’s treatment of her eldest son was very different from how he treated her younger children especially Prince Edward.

After Prince Charles was born, Her Majesty was crowned as the Queen of Great Britain. Immediately after, she went on a lengthy tour around the Commonwealth with Prince Philip.

During the first few years of Prince Charles’ life, he was left under the care of his nannies. And when the Queen returned home, a clip shows her shaking hands with Prince Charles instead of giving him a tight hug.

Royal historian Robert Lacey came to the Queen’s defense by saying that she grew up at a time when it was believed that leaving children under the care of a nanny was a good idea.

“She had been brought up in that style herself, after all, with her parents leaving her at home and entrusting her entire schooling to a governess and home tutors,” he told Town & Country.

After giving birth to Princess Anne, the Queen and Prince Philip waited for an entire decade before they welcomed Prince Andrew and then Prince Edward.

Since they were already much older and were already used to taking care of their children, they made it a point to spend as much time as they could with their two youngest kids.