Princess Diana allegedly had a secret baby that the world is only learning about today.

According to New Idea, Princess Diana met James Whetton during a secret hospital visit 24 years ago.

While speaking with the tabloid, Whetton said that he thinks Princess Diana’s cuddles helped improve his health.

“She was so heartwarming, so maybe that’s what helped me to keep on fighting. She may have passed on a little bit of her love and got me through it, who knows?” he said.

Whetton was reportedly born with an enlarged heart, and he was a patient at the hospital where Dr. Hasnat Khan worked. Princess Diana and Khan reportedly dated.

Royal author Walter Olesky told New Idea that the couple was so in love that they wanted to tie the knot. However, their relationship didn’t progress because Khan didn’t like not having the privacy that he deserved.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid about Princess Diana’s secret baby with a grain of salt. New Idea is known for publishing misleading headlines about the members of the royal family.

In their article about Princess Diana, there was no mention of the late royal having a secret baby. Still, this is the headline that they used in their article.

Meanwhile, other tabloids have also been claiming that Princess Diana had a secret child.

According to Globe, Meghan Markle even had the opportunity to meet Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ secret daughter, Sarah Spencer.

During their alleged meeting, Spencer told Markle not to trust Prince Charles because he allegedly killed the Princess of Wales.

Markle and Spencer’s meeting allegedly took place while the former was pregnant with Archie. And in order for the palace aides not to suspect that she was meeting Prince Charles’ secret daughter, Markle had to say that she was having tummy issues.

“She used pregnancy tummy troubles as an excuse to step out of the public eye. Meghan was disguised under a hoodie and a sweatshirt. The girls met at a farmhouse and embraced in the front room,” the source said.

However, one should also take these claims with a grain of salt. Markle never met Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s secret child. After all, the exes don’t have a daughter. Prince William and Prince Harry are their only children.