Meghan Markle, allegedly, met Princess Diana’s secret daughter and they had a conversation about Prince Charles.

According to Globe, Sarah Spencer and Markle immediately hit it off. And the former warned the Duchess of Sussex against Prince Charles, who Spencer thinks is a killer.

“Do not trust Charles. Beware! He is a ruthless killer!” Spencer allegedly told Markle.

According to an unnamed source, Spencer and Markle’s meeting was brief. They only had approximately 41 minutes to chat because the Suits alum had to be back home before anyone notices that she’s gone.

“She used pregnancy tummy troubles as an excuse to step out of the public eye. Meghan was disguised under a hoodie and a sweatshirt. The girls met at a farmhouse and embraced in the front room,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Markle was initially speechless at the sight of Spencer because she looks exactly like Princess Diana.

“Then, after relaying a message from Harry and William, Meghan and Sarah chatted away as if they were old friends. Sarah was thrilled because rowdy prankster Harry’s her favorite brother. She previously met William’s wife Kate, but she absolutely adores Meghan,” the source said.

Since Markle was pregnant during her alleged meeting with Spencer, the two women talked about babies. At one point, Markle asked Spencer to press her ear against her belly to see if she could hear anything.

It was after this gesture that Markle and Spencer allegedly talked about the latter’s strange conception. Rumors claimed that Spencer was conceived after Princess Diana’s eggs were harvested and fertilized with Prince Charles’ sperm.

A test was allegedly done to make sure that the couple could have children before they tied the knot in 1992. However, there are no concrete pieces of evidence that can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

But the source insisted that Spencer is Princess Diana’s daughter and that she has a relationship with her brothers.

“Despite the danger, she surfaced because she was so eager to meet Harry’s new bride and warn her about Charles. Sarah told Meghan everything – how he ordered Diana’s murder and orchestrated the cover-up. Charles has been trying to gain Meghan’s trust and use her as an unwitting spy against his own sons,” the source said.

However, the soap opera-like story is obviously fabricated. Princess Diana doesn’t have a secret daughter. Prince Charles didn’t kill his ex-wife. And the heir to the throne doesn’t need to spy on Prince William and Prince Harry.