Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are, allegedly, trying to give their son, Archie a sibling or two.

According to New Idea, Markle recently sparked pregnancy rumors after she and Prince Harry were photographed outside an office building in Beverly Hills. The building, reportedly, houses various clinics and there’s at least one fertility clinic in the area.

After spending a few minutes inside the building, Markle stepped out with what looked like trigger shots. And an eyewitness claimed that this could’ve been an indication that Markle and Prince Harry are trying to have another baby.

Since the Duchess of Sussex is already 38 years old, it may be difficult for her to have another baby. As such, she has, allegedly, turned to IVF for help.

The eyewitness said that no one knows for sure what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did at the clinic. They may have been there for a dentist's appointment. However, if Markle was just there for a dentist appointment, there’s no reason for Prince Harry to accompany her.

On Twitter, royal fans were seemingly excited to hear the news about Markle’s possible second pregnancy. One of them also said that Markle was holding trigger shots in her hand.

And the concerned royal revealed that she asked her daughter about it. The fan’s daughter is also undergoing IVF so she’s familiar with trigger shots.

Dr. Suzanne Beth Gilberg-Lenz, an obstetrician from Beverly Hills, said that she’s surprised to learn that Markle might have chosen trigger shots or gonadotropin.

The procedure provides the highest rate of twins among all the different fertility treatments available for women. And at least 30 percent of trigger shots result in the mom having multiple children.

“A trigger shot essentially triggers ovulation by injecting the pregnancy hormone hCG [human chorionic gonadotropin]. It’s injected medication that stimulates the follicles in your ovaries. Any kind of fertility treatment will increase the chance of multiple pregnancies, particularly gonadotropins,” Dr. Gilber-Lenz said.

In the past, sources claimed that Prince Harry and Markle want to have two children. As such, it’s quite surprising for the couple to be trying to have twins – if they really are.

A source close to Markle, allegedly, told New Idea that Markle is aware of the likelihood of her having twins that’s why she went for IVF.

As of late, Markle isn’t pregnant yet. And it is unclear if she and Prince Harry are really trying to have a baby.