Last year, a magazine claimed that Brad Pitt was about to quit acting as he wanted to become a beekeeper. However, a year has passed since the report was published but Pitt is yet to leave acting. 

The Troy actor was interviewed by a magazine last year when he referred to acting as more suitable for a younger man. Perhaps, this statement prompted a tabloid to publish a story claiming that the Hollywood hunk was planning to quit acting and become a beekeeper. 

An anonymous insider allegedly told the outlet that the Fight Club actor is planning to pursue a career in the apian act and is wishes to stop acting. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop claims that the story was entirely false. The website insisted that they got in touch with a spokesperson of the actor who told them the story was ridiculous. 

Brad Pitt did not utter a single word about dropping acting in the same interview, which triggered the false story. He simply mentioned that there is a possibility of him working on fewer projects as he was focusing more on producing movies. 

In fact, a year has passed since the story came out and the actor’s film Ad Astra hit the theaters around two months after that report. A few days ago, Cinema Blend reported that the actor will be seen in a new action film titled Bullet Train

The actor has also been the producer of many critically acclaimed films including The Last Black Man in San Francisco and Kajllionaire. So, it is quite obvious that the story has certain loopholes. 

There have been other incorrect stories such as Pitt and his former wife Jennifer Aniston were planning to start over once again after he apologized for allegedly cheating her with Angelina Jolie.

The story mentioned how Pitt was completely devastated and asked the Friends alum to forgive him, according to an unnamed source. The same source also said that Jen is convinced that her former spouse is a reformed person now and they are planning to get back together.

However, contrary to speculations like theses the exes are not reuniting according to a spokesperson of The Morning Show actress. A dubious source also indicated that Pitt was planning to retire from acting before his fans could become tired of seeing him on screen.

The supposed tipster purported that Brad Pitt feels it is time he should opt for a long break and retire to prevent from getting overexposed. However, there is no solid evidence to suggest that Hollywood A-lister is taking retirement from acting soon.