Reports have it that Angelina Jolie and her former spouse Brad Pitt are now spending more time together and even went out for a quick coffee date recently. 

The Troy star and the Maleficent actress are reportedly tied up with the preparations for the 12th birthday bash of their twins Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt and Knox Léon Jolie Pitt. Angie was recently seen stepping outside her mansion for shopping with her daughter Vivienne. 

Meanwhile, Pitt was snapped leaving his former wife’s Los Feliz mansion last month. It was the first time when the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was seen at his wife’s place ever since they parted ways. 

The latest development is that Pitt and Angie are spending quality time together. It was reported that the duo even went out for a coffee date recently. 

A source claimed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were together for a short coffee date. The insider further suggested that the exes are leaving no stones unturned to resolve their differences cordially without their lawyers.

It seems Angie and Pitt discussed many issues including foreign trips the actress wishes to take once the lockdown ends, money, security, and schooling of their children. The tipster further said that the meeting went well given that the issues they discussed were so enormous. 

The same source also mentioned that the Fight Club actor was thoroughly exhausted after such a detailed discussion with his ex-wife. The tipster said the conversation between the two of them was challenging after all.

However, the exes seem to be committed to sort out all these contentious issues amicably and keep things peaceful. The source concluded, it appeared to be a big step for this former couple and everyone is happy, reports.

The hostility between Angie and Pitt had been too much over the last few years. They were unable to settle issues related to child custody of their six kids amicably. Recent reports have suggested that the former couple has buried the hatchet for the well-being of their children.

It has been also reported that Angie and Pitt have been going through plenty of family therapies so that they can be amicable co-parents, Pinkvilla reports. There is a clear sign that the former couple is lately trying to meet more often to discuss and sort out their issues. 

After last month, Pitt was seen outside Angie’s Los Feliz mansion this week once again. Brad Pitt wore a casual white tee, a grey-brown jacket, and a pair of blue jeans while zooming away from the actress' home. The star had put on grey-tinted sunglasses and wore a pair of white sneakers to complete his look. He left Angelina Jolie’s house on his stylish BMW motorbike.