Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began to date in 2004 although he was married to Jennifer Aniston then. A source insists that Pitt eventually realized that the time he spent with his former wife was not always fun. 

The former couple dated for several years and eventually decided to get married in 2014. It was a private exclusive ceremony where their children were present to witness the wedding. 

However, it came as a big shock to the world when Mr. & Mrs. Smith actress filed for a divorce petition just two years later. Reports have it that the Troy actor finally realized that although he spent over 10 years with the Maleficent actress, it was not so idyllic and fun after all. 

In 2017, an insider mentioned that the former couple did not have much in common between them apart from excellent chemistry. The source further claimed that the actor had spent several nights contemplating what exactly happened.

He even assessed what went wrong repeatedly while undergoing therapy sessions. The tipster added that the Fight Club actor finally realized that he had a toxic relationship with Angie from the very beginning. 

Reports of Brad Pitt boozing excessively and both he and Angeline Jolie getting engaged with their hectic schedules and parents’ responsibilities also drifted them apart, according to the insider, Koimoi.com reports. The supposed insider also said that Angelina Jolie used to be exciting in the past but she became busy with her six children and got tired after so much of work. 

Pitt has not openly discussed the real reason why he and Jolie parted ways. However, Jolie did speak out about why she decided to end the marriage. The Eternals actress said that she parted ways for her family’s “wellbeing” and is concentrating on their “healing.”

Meanwhile, the 56-year-old Hollywood actor was seen once again coming out of his former wife’s residence this Thursday. The actor was on his flashy and stylish BMW motorbike like the last time and looked dapper in a grey-brown jacket and a white T-shirt. 

It seems that the former couple’s hostile relationship is no longer so frosty now. They had to reportedly attend plenty of family therapy, discussions, and negotiations to come to this point. Their kids meanwhile have been shifting between the two houses. 

Brad Pitt was snapped leaving his ex-wife’s residence even last month, which was a symptom that the tensions between them have reduced. The ex-couple have been having a long and bitter legal battle over their finances and child custody arrangements. It was also alleged that Angelina Jolie has been asking for more money, Daily Mail reports.