In their quest to cement their place among Hollywood's elite, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly keen on cultivating a high-profile friendship with John Travolta, a legend of the silver screen. However, their efforts appear to be meeting resistance, according to sources.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex grew close to Travolta after the "Grease" star personally recommended Prince Harry for the Living Legend of Aviation award, which he received in January. Despite this connection, Travolta, known for his reclusive lifestyle, has turned down numerous invitations from the royal couple.

"Meghan and Harry still count John as a close friend, but it's disappointing to them that they're not getting to see him as often as they hoped. After John presented the award to Harry at the aviation awards, they hoped they'd be able to connect with him more," an unnamed source told Closer. "They had all these plans to involve him in Meghan's brand launch, and they've sent him countless dinner invites, but so far, he's been pretty unreceptive."

The source continued, "They're struggling not to get their feelings hurt and the irony isn't lost on them that Tom Cruise is now throwing himself at the royals. They'd really hoped that John would be in their corner, it would have been the perfect way to prove that they're just as in with the Hollywood A-list crown as the royals are. What's even worse is they could see him getting reeled in by William who's clearly hell bent on one-upping them."

Travolta, who has a well-documented history with the British royal family, remains fond of Prince Harry and Meghan but prefers his privacy. "John likes Harry and Meghan, but he is very shy and private and prefers to stay home with his kids and close friends," the insider added. "His rejections have nothing to do with being against the royal couple; he just wants to do his own thing."

Travolta's relationship with the royals dates back to 1985 when he famously danced with Princess Diana at the White House, fulfilling what then-first lady Nancy Reagan described as the Princess of Wales' "fantasy."

In addition to their aspirations involving Travolta, the Sussexes have also expressed interest in forging a connection with pop superstar Taylor Swift. Markle invited Swift to appear on her "Archetypes" podcast, but the "Cruel Summer" singer declined. Swift's apparent alignment with Prince William and Kate Middleton further complicated matters, especially after she shared a selfie with Prince William during his 42nd birthday celebrations at her concert at Wembley Stadium.

The image, which showed Prince William dancing to Swift's hit "Shake It Off," was later shared on his social media account, leading to speculation about its intent. "It's the selfie that's set them off because it's just so out of the ordinary for the royals to publicize something like that," an insider explained. "Even William's own fans have branded it as shade towards the Sussexes, so it's understandable Meghan and Harry are feeling the sting and questioning William's motives."

While the Sussexes face challenges in their quest for Hollywood validation, the dynamics within the royal family continue to play out on a public stage. The tension between the brothers, coupled with their efforts to secure prominent allies in the entertainment industry, adds another layer to the already complex narrative surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.