Meghan Markle is reportedly striving to mend the fractured ties between Prince Harry and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. However, despite Markle's efforts, Middleton remains aloof, according to multiple sources.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's relationship with the royal family has been notoriously strained. Yet, recent reports suggest that Prince Harry is attempting to end the ongoing feud. According to an insider who spoke with In Touch, Meghan Markle is particularly keen on making peace with the Princess of Wales.

"She wants to make peace with Kate. She doesn't want any bad blood between them," an unnamed source revealed. "Meghan's friends say she regrets how things went down and she never meant any harm to Kate. Though she must realize she could've done things differently."

Middleton, who is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy following her cancer diagnosis, has received a statement of health and healing wishes from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Despite this, sources indicate that Markle's further attempts to reconnect have not been warmly received by Middleton.

"Meghan's been going out of her way to show concern for Kate in this difficult time," the source continued. "Kate's response has been polite at best. She hasn't exactly encouraged or embraced Meghan."

The tepid response from Middleton is not entirely surprising, given her staunch support for her husband, Prince William, and his vision for a streamlined and stable monarchy. "Kate is 100 percent behind William," the insider noted. "The Duchess of Cambridge supports her husband and everything he does, including his plan for a smaller and more stable lineup of the British monarchy."

The royal insider also highlighted the unexpected cold treatment the Sussexes received from the family. "The cold treatment the Sussexes received from family members was something they hadn't bargained for," the source said. "They were relegated to the background and basically shunned. It hurt that they were so publicly ostracized."

Despite Markle's efforts, it seems increasingly unlikely that the Sussexes will be welcomed back into the royal fold as working members. "Harry and Meghan are never coming back to The Firm -- and even if they could, it's unlikely they would be welcomed back as working royals and have the same privileges they used to have," the source explained, noting that the dynamics could shift further when Prince William ascends the throne. "The feeling is that Harry and Meghan made their choice and now must live with it."

However, not everyone believes the situation is beyond repair. Grant Harrold, former royal butler to King Charles, suggests there might still be a chance for Prince Harry to regain his old life with the royal family. Harrold believes that an apology could pave the way for reconciliation. "Prince Harry only needs to admit that his memoir 'Spare' was a mistake," Harrold said. However, he also acknowledged the difficulty of such a reconciliation, adding, "Some families never patch things up."