President Joe Biden is facing intense backlash after a viral video surfaced showing him seemingly ignoring a Black supporter during a meet-and-greet session. The incident, captured on video and shared widely on X (formerly Twitter), has prompted accusations of racism against the President.

In the video, President Biden can be seen taking selfies and engaging with his supporters. A Black woman, holding a "Biden Harris" campaign leaflet, is seen smiling and waiting for her turn as Biden approaches. When he stands in front of her, she attempts to give him a hug and offers a warm smile. However, her expression changes as Biden appears to bypass her, instead interacting with the white woman beside her and another supporter behind her.

The Black woman is seen tapping Biden's shoulder and seemingly saying something, but Biden does not respond and remains focused on the other supporters. The video, which has garnered over 30.7 million views, has sparked a wave of criticism and accusations of racism.

"The moment she realized that her hero doesn't like Black people," one user commented alongside the clip. Another added, "The most racist American President in modern history. And yet Black Americans will still vote for this man." Other comments included, "Racist Joe Biden rejects a selfie with the only Black girl in the crowd, but happily takes one with every White in the crowd," and "Biden is as racist as it gets. This is how Democrats view African Americans."

Some users pointed to Biden's past, claiming he has always harbored racist attitudes. "Biden said the n-word when in Congress fighting integration. He is a long-time racist. Why would anyone of color vote for someone who hates them?" one user asked. Another stated, "Biden has always been known to be a raging racist."

John Curtis, who first shared the video, claimed that the Black woman was "rejected by Biden," who reportedly "stopped to take selfies with old angry white women." Curtis also asserted that Biden ignored the Black supporter twice, and suggested she was placed in the front row for the cameras as a political stunt. "She was nothing more than a political stunt for Biden to gain appeal with Black voters, and he ignored her," Curtis wrote.

Despite the criticisms, many of Biden's supporters have remained loyal. "We as Americans are all Biden and Harris. We see ourselves in their fight for everyday people, the protection of our freedoms, the love of neighbors. They have competency beyond the orange mad man. We love Biden and Harris, and they will have a second term," one supporter wrote. Another echoed, "Ditto ... We love President Biden #StandWithBiden #WeBackBidenHarris."

Others emphasized the need for unity within the Democratic Party to prevent a Trump victory. "I don't care who we run as long as they can WIN. We cannot afford to let Trump win again. I will support whomever we select. So far, it's looking like Biden & I have been happy with him. I hope people ignore the media & get on board. Splitting the party helps only Trump & Proj 25!" one user commented.

Biden recently made a gaffe during an interview on Philadelphia's WURD black radio station as part of an Independence Day media blitz. Biden mistakenly referred to himself as the "first Black woman to serve with a Black president," a comment that drew attention and added to the scrutiny he is facing.