During their recent visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, Queen Camilla displayed a level of affection toward King Charles that is rarely seen in public, according to body language experts. This visit, part of a scaled-back Holyrood Week, saw the British monarch and his wife engaging with officials and members of the public, with King Charles appearing energetic despite his recent cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Darren Stanton, a noted body language and behavioral expert who has been featured on major outlets like ITV, BBC, Mail Online, Sky News, and GBN, commented on the couple's interactions. Stanton observed that Queen Camilla's affectionate gestures and expressions were a testament to their strong bond. "There were some great interactions between the King, the Queen, and the Duke and Duchess. All their facial expressions were genuine," Stanton noted, as reported by the Mirror.

Stanton highlighted that Queen Camilla often gazed adoringly at King Charles and remained by his side throughout their public engagements. "She often gazed into his eyes and kept by his side a lot of the time. The fact she didn't hold back with her affection tells us she feels very in tune with Charles at the moment, and they are on the same page in terms of their connection. Their relationship is in a very strong state," he added.

The royal couple, along with Prince William, Prince Edward, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, attended several events in Scotland. They were seen smiling and interacting warmly with the public, presenting a united and happy front. This week-long engagement also included a new royal portrait featuring King Charles, Queen Camilla, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of Edinburgh in matching traditional garb—green velvet robes with the order's insignia and white-plumed hats.

In addition to their public appearances, Queen Camilla and Prince Edward were welcomed into the Order of the Thistle, Scotland's highest order of chivalry, as reported by People. This honor underscores their roles within the royal family and their connection to Scottish heritage.

An insider revealed to New Idea that Queen Camilla is very protective of King Charles, particularly regarding his health. She reportedly advised against his flying to the United States to visit Prince Harry, citing health concerns. Despite Prince Harry's critical remarks about her in his interviews and his book "Spare," Queen Camilla has remained publicly silent, demonstrating her focus on supporting her husband during this period.

King Charles and Queen Camilla have increased their public appearances in recent weeks, with the King resuming his official duties after his health scare. Their joint presence at these events has been a reassuring sight for many, indicating stability and continuity within the monarchy.

The royal couple's visit to Edinburgh and their visible affection for each other have been well-received, showcasing a more personal side of their relationship. This display of unity and support comes at a crucial time as King Charles navigates his health challenges while fulfilling his royal responsibilities.

Overall, the Edinburgh visit highlighted not only the strong bond between King Charles and Queen Camilla but also their commitment to their roles and duties. As they continue to represent the monarchy, their genuine interactions and visible support for each other provide a sense of reassurance and continuity for the British public.