Justin and Hailey Bieber are eagerly preparing for the arrival of their first child, but they are keeping one crucial detail under wraps—the baby's gender. According to sources close to the couple, the Biebers already know whether they are having a boy or a girl but have chosen to keep this information private for now.

An insider revealed to US Weekly that Hailey is thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy and the affection from her husband, Justin. "Hailey is ecstatic and soaking up every moment of her pregnancy," the source shared. The nursery is nearly ready, painted in neutral colors with a blend of classic and modern designs. The source added, "Justin has been so affectionate and loving toward Hailey and can't wait for the next phase in their lives. Their bond is stronger than ever."

Speculation about the baby's gender has been rampant among fans. After Hailey posted a photo of her nails painted pink with cherry blossoms, many assumed the couple might be expecting a girl. However, neither Justin nor Hailey has commented on these speculations.

Recently, Hailey traveled to New York City with Justin to promote her latest Rhode beauty launch. During the trip, she showcased her baby bump in various stylish outfits, drawing significant attention and admiration.

The couple's decision to start a family comes after a few years of marriage. They took their time, not wanting to rush into parenthood. Hailey had always envisioned herself as a mother and now feels like she is on "cloud nine." In an interview with The Sunday Times last year, Hailey expressed her anxieties about parenthood, not because of the physical challenges but because of the potential criticism their child might face from the public. "It's enough that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can't imagine having to confront people saying things about a child," she said.

Despite these concerns, the couple is overjoyed about their growing family. A source told Entertainment Tonight (ET) that Justin has complete faith in Hailey's abilities as a caregiver. "Hailey is such a natural caretaker and Justin knows she will be the best mom, and Hailey has always thought that Justin will make an amazing dad," the source noted. "Hailey, Justin, their families, and loved ones are so excited for this beautiful blessing."

Hailey's journey through pregnancy has been filled with support and excitement from both sides of the family. Justin and Hailey's loved ones are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the Bieber family. This period of anticipation and preparation has only strengthened the couple's bond, making them more united as they step into this new chapter of their lives.

Justin Bieber, the pop sensation known for his chart-topping hits, and Hailey Baldwin Bieber, a successful model and entrepreneur, have been married since 2018. Their relationship has been under the public eye since its inception, but they have managed to maintain a strong and supportive partnership. Their decision to keep their baby's gender private is a testament to their desire to protect their family's privacy amidst the constant media scrutiny.

As the couple prepares for their first child's arrival, they continue to engage with their fans and the public, sharing glimpses of their journey while keeping certain aspects private. This balance between public engagement and personal privacy reflects their approach to fame and family life.