Jennifer Lopez has once again found herself at the center of media scrutiny, this time over the noticeable absence of her wedding ring. The "Let's Get Loud" singer shared a promotional video for her JLo Beauty line on Tuesday, where her ring finger was conspicuously bare, sparking rumors of a potential split from husband Ben Affleck.

In the Instagram video, posted on the JLo Beauty account, Lopez showcased her holiday weekend beauty stash, featuring the Ultimate Body Kit with the Complexion Booster. Clad in crocheted shorts, a pink halter top, and accessorized with silver jewelry, gold wedge sandals, and pink sunglasses, Lopez's missing wedding band quickly became the focal point for many viewers.

"It's hot out. Time to show off more [of] that skin. You wanna feel confident. You wanna feel great about yourself," Lopez said, emphasizing the confidence-boosting benefits of her skincare products. "This is really about being committed. It's just gonna give you that little bit of extra confidence every single day."

The absence of her wedding ring did not go unnoticed by social media users. Speculation ran rampant on platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter. One user exclaimed, "It's official y'all! No wedding ring on the left hand. JLo from the block has now officially been around the block! Who's next?" Another commented, "JLo always wears the wedding ring even during her solo trip to Italy and Paris. It's Ben who betrayed her. He should pay JLo compensation money at divorce. He doesn't deserve any money from her. But all of my speculation comes from YouTube videos. I don't know what the truth is."

Adding fuel to the fire, Lopez was recently spotted in New York City sporting a white crop top with the text "JLO BE MY MAMA" under a pink cardigan, paired with low-rise dirty baggy jeans, a Lady Dior bag, and white sneakers. In these photos, it was unclear whether she was wearing her wedding ring, leaving fans and media outlets to continue speculating.

Despite the swirling rumors, Page Six sources claim that the marriage between Lopez and Affleck has been "over for months." This revelation comes as a shock to many fans who have followed the couple's rekindled romance with great interest. Affleck, who starred in the critically acclaimed "Gone Girl," is reportedly still "very protective of Jennifer," even amidst the alleged split.

The couple, famously dubbed "Bennifer" by the media, reignited their relationship in 2021 after nearly two decades apart. Their reunion was met with widespread public and media fascination, culminating in their marriage. However, their high-profile relationship has also been marred by persistent rumors and speculation about their personal lives.

The latest development, marked by Lopez's ring-free appearance, has only intensified these rumors. The couple has yet to make an official statement addressing the status of their marriage, leaving fans and observers eagerly awaiting any confirmation or denial.

Lopez, 54, has been known for her resilience and professionalism, particularly in navigating the pressures of public scrutiny. Her focus on her beauty brand and other professional endeavors suggests a determination to maintain her career momentum, regardless of personal challenges.