Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, famously known as Bennifer, appear to be heading towards a breakup reminiscent of their high-profile split two decades ago. Social media is abuzz with rumors and speculations about the couple's marital issues, following reports that Affleck has moved his belongings out of their shared home.

The couple, who rekindled their romance after nearly two decades apart, have not publicly addressed the status of their marriage. However, a Reddit thread has captured the attention of many, with users speculating about a potential second breakup. One user quipped, "We doing 2004 over again?" referring to the couple's initial split after their first engagement.

Lopez and Affleck first met on the set of their film Gigli in early 2002. Their whirlwind romance quickly led to an engagement, capturing significant media attention. The couple's planned wedding was postponed due to the intense media scrutiny, and they ultimately called off their engagement in January 2004, both going on to marry other people.

Fast forward to 2022, Lopez and Affleck reconnected, sparking renewed interest from fans and media alike. Their second engagement was announced in April 2022, followed by a wedding in July of the same year. Despite the hopeful beginning, rumors of trouble in paradise have been circulating.

A user on Reddit suggested, "This was her last-ditch effort to get back in the limelight since her tour got canceled, and that silly documentary went nowhere." Another added, "I had a feeling five minutes after they announced that they were getting back together that it was just a matter of time before they broke up."

Critics have pointed to Lopez's decision to release a documentary about their love life as a potential strain on their relationship. One comment read, "I think that ridiculous documentary about their love life was the last straw for him. Is she really that desperate to stay in the limelight that she would risk her marriage to show everyone her personal life in such detail?"

Amid these rumors, Affleck has been spotted spending more time with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, further fueling speculation about his marriage with Lopez. After a recent meeting with Lopez at his office, Affleck was seen at Garner's home in Los Angeles, raising eyebrows and leading to more gossip.

Sources close to the couple have indicated that Lopez's efforts to salvage their marriage may have reached an impasse. According to insiders, Affleck's decision to move out marks a significant step towards a potential separation. "The marriage is completely over, and Jennifer is heartbroken. She loves love and wanted this to work so badly," a source told Fox News Digital.

Lopez and Affleck's relationship has been under the microscope since their reconciliation, with fans and critics alike closely watching their every move. Their high-profile romance, combined with their individual careers, has kept them in the public eye, but it seems the pressures of maintaining a public relationship may have taken their toll.

The couple's journey has been a rollercoaster, from their initial engagement and subsequent split to their much-celebrated reunion and current marital struggles. As they navigate this challenging period, the world watches, hoping for clarity on their future together.