King Charles III’s intention to visit his son, Prince Harry, in the United States has sparked significant controversy within the royal family. Despite the King's desire to connect with his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet, Queen Camilla and Prince William are reportedly against the plan.

Charles, who has not spent much time with his Californian-based grandchildren, is eager to strengthen family ties. A source in California revealed to New Idea that Prince Harry is receptive to the idea of hosting his father. "He's relieved Charles seems to want to make the effort," the source said.

However, the King’s inner circle, particularly Queen Camilla and Prince William, are not supportive of the transatlantic visit. Concerns range from health issues to familial tensions. Camilla, mindful of the King’s health, is wary of the toll the journey could take, especially considering the upcoming tour to Australia in October. "Camilla is against the trip more for health reasons. The Australia tour in October is going to be a lot for a man of his age with cancer, let alone an emotional transatlantic journey to visit his estranged son," the insider noted.

Prince William, on the other hand, is puzzled by his father’s determination to make the trip. "William can't understand why Charles would be going out on a limb like this," the source added. The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has been notably strained, particularly after the release of Harry’s memoir, "Spare," which contained critical remarks about William and his wife, Kate Middleton.

Royal biographer Tom Quinn shared insights into the King’s potential plans, highlighting that Charles has considered an official visit to the United States, which would include time with Harry and his children. "Charles has had discussions about an official visit to the United States at some time in the future, and there is no doubt if it goes ahead, he would build in time to visit his youngest son and his grandchildren," Quinn said. However, he emphasized the complexity of organizing such a visit, stating, "There are mountains of planning to be overcome before that becomes even a remote possibility."

The King's commitment to family is evident in his past actions, including an unpublicized visit to Transylvania to check on his rental properties. This indicates that a private visit to California is not entirely out of the question. "He is desperate to see them and hates the idea that Archie and Lily will not remember him as the warm, friendly grandfather he wants to be," Quinn added.

The strained relations within the royal family add another layer of complexity to Charles’s proposed visit. Michael Cole, a former royal reporter, expressed skepticism about a reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry. "I don't think there's any chance of reconciliation between the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex in the foreseeable future," Cole said on GB News, highlighting the deep-rooted issues stemming from Harry’s criticisms in his memoir.

Prince Harry’s contentious remarks about Queen Camilla have also resurfaced, exacerbating the tensions. In his memoir, Harry referred to Camilla as the "villain," "dangerous," and the "third person" in his parents' marriage. This hostility reportedly intensified during Harry's visit to his father earlier this year after learning about Charles’s cancer diagnosis. British journalist Petronella Wyatt claimed that "hostilities flared up" during this visit, with Harry allegedly directing an "unprovoked volley" towards Camilla.