In the midst of swirling rumors about her marriage to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez has been exhibiting a noticeably different demeanor, according to experts. Body language specialist Judi James recently shared her insights with The Mirror, observing a significant change in Lopez’s behavior and appearance since her solo vacation to Italy.

James pointed out that Lopez appeared "immersed in some formal discussions" during her recent outing for lunch with her daughter Emme. The multi-talented star was seen in black pin-stripe dress pants and a smart button-down shirt, a stark contrast to her usual glamorous style. "This is a very practical and business-like look from J-Lo, who has opted for flat black pumps, tailored trousers and a plain white shirt, and tied her hair back in a bun. She even seems to be carrying a laptop, suggesting she might be immersed in some formal and very serious discussions or meetings here," James explained.

The expert noted that Lopez's typical radiant smile was replaced by a slight pursing of the lips, indicating a "firmer, less celebrity side" of her personality. This shift in her expression and attire, James suggested, might be a reflection of her current mindset amidst the ongoing marital issues.

Interestingly, James also highlighted a subtle but telling detail: Lopez was wearing flats instead of her usual heels. "Because of the height differential between them, she always seems to be wearing the highest platforms when she's seeing him," James remarked, hinting that this might be an indication that Lopez was not expecting to meet Affleck.

The speculation about Lopez and Affleck's marriage troubles has been fueled by various reports and sightings. Radar Online sources revealed that Lopez has been feeling "frustrated" about being perceived as the "difficult" spouse in her marriage. These frustrations seem to have been compounded by Affleck reportedly moving his belongings out of their $60 million marital mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Lopez's solo vacation to Italy and her visit to Paris Fashion Week have further intensified the rumors. People magazine reported that Lopez visited La Gavitella, a beach club restaurant with stunning views of Positano and Capri, during her Italian getaway.

Relationship expert Louella Alderson provided additional context to The Mirror, suggesting that Lopez might be taking "some time and space to reflect on what she wants for her future." Alderson noted, "Jennifer Lopez's solo trip to Italy is another sign that things may not be going well in her marriage with Ben Affleck. They seem to have spent a lot more time apart recently, with Ben even moving out of their shared home and back into his own place. This suggests that there may be some underlying issues or conflicts in their relationship that they are trying to work through."

Lopez and Affleck, who rekindled their romance and got married in 2022, have faced intense media scrutiny throughout their relationship. Their high-profile union, often referred to as "Bennifer," has been a topic of public fascination since they first dated in the early 2000s.

As the rumors continue to swirl, both Lopez and Affleck have remained relatively tight-lipped about the state of their marriage. However, the visible changes in Lopez's behavior and appearance, coupled with reports of Affleck moving out, have only added fuel to the fire.