Prince Harry remains steadfast in his resolve to secure police protection for his family during visits to the United Kingdom, a struggle that highlights his deep-seated fears for their safety. This issue, which has significantly impacted his decisions regarding travel to his home country, continues to be a source of tension between the Duke of Sussex and the British government.

In a recent episode of "The Royal Record" podcast, Cameron Walker, a royal correspondent for GB News, delved into the "main reason" why Prince Harry is hesitant to bring Meghan Markle and their children, Archie and Lilibet, to the UK. Walker explained that Harry's fears are rooted in the lack of police protection, which was stripped away when he and Meghan stepped back from their royal duties and moved to California in 2020.

"Prince Harry doesn't feel his family is safe when they're in the UK because they do not have police protection officers with the Metropolitan Police with him," Walker stated. "So perhaps that is the main reason why Prince Harry isn't bringing Meghan and Archie and Lilibet over to the UK because ... he would say he can't guarantee their safety."

Walker suggested that the tragic death of Princess Diana in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, is a significant factor in Harry's fears. Diana did not have police protection at the time of the crash, a detail that has likely left a lasting impact on her youngest son. "So I think you can see how from Prince Harry's perspective, he is really fearful about bringing his family over to the UK," Walker concluded.

The controversy surrounding Prince Harry's security arrangements came to a head in 2022 when it was revealed that he had challenged the UK government's decision to remove his automatic right to police security. Harry also sought to pay for police protection, a bid that was rejected. His legal team argued that the Duke "does not feel safe" bringing his children to the UK without this security, as reported by People.

This fear was exacerbated by an incident in July 2021, when Harry's car was chased by photographers in London. Since then, he and Meghan have been cautious about traveling to the UK with their children. Archie and Lilibet have not been to the UK since June 2022, when the family attended Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. They had initially planned to bring their children during a visit just before the Queen's death in September of that year, but decided against it due to the lack of security.

In February, the UK High Court upheld the government's decision to remove Prince Harry's police protection. However, last month, Harry received permission to appeal this decision, keeping the legal battle ongoing. The security issue is not just a matter of personal concern for Harry; it also underscores the broader challenges faced by the Sussexes as they navigate their roles and responsibilities post-royalty.

Despite these challenges, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to maintain a high public profile. They have engaged in various charitable activities and business ventures, often highlighting issues of mental health, social justice, and community service. Their move to California marked a significant shift in their lives, allowing them greater freedom but also bringing new complexities, particularly concerning security.

The couple's decision to step back from royal duties was met with mixed reactions. While they cited the need for a more peaceful life and greater autonomy, their departure has also led to a series of legal and logistical hurdles, particularly regarding their security needs when traveling internationally.