Rick Ross faced an unexpected backlash from Drake fans during his performance at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver. The incident, which escalated into a physical altercation, unfolded when Ross ended his set with Kendrick Lamar's diss track, "Not Like Us," a song aimed at the Canadian rapper.

As Ross descended from the stage after playing the controversial track, a group of Drake supporters confronted him. The tension quickly escalated into a chaotic brawl, as captured in a video circulating on social media. In the footage, a man is seen punching Ross in the face, leading to a tumultuous scene.

Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" contains severe allegations against Drake, including accusations of inappropriate interest in younger women and attacks on members of Drake's OVO crew. The track, part of Lamar's album "Meet The Grahams," was released on YouTube with visuals that allegedly depicted Drake's residence, marked with red symbols associated with sex offenders.

Ross's decision to play "Not Like Us" indicates his alignment with Lamar amid ongoing tensions in the hip-hop community. Historically close with Drake, Ross's choice of song suggests a shift in loyalties.

Drake's reaction to the incident has been subtle but telling. According to GeoTV, Drake "liked" a social media clip showing the altercation between Ross and the fans. While Drake's direct involvement in the brawl is uncertain, his endorsement of the video hints at his tacit approval of the fans' actions.

Ross, addressing the incident in an interview with TMZ, expressed his fondness for Vancouver and downplayed the altercation. He assured that none of his team members suffered significant injuries and conveyed his eagerness to return to the city despite the previous night's events.

The incident at the Ignite Music Festival highlights the volatile nature of fan allegiance and the high stakes of public feuds in the music industry. Ross's choice to play Lamar's diss track at the festival was seen by many as a provocative move, one that stirred up deep-seated animosities among the audience.

The brawl underscores the passionate loyalty of Drake's fanbase and the intense rivalries that can arise within the hip-hop community. The conflict between Drake and Lamar has been simmering for some time, and Ross's public siding with Lamar adds another layer of complexity to the feud.

In the diss track "Not Like Us," Lamar's pointed lyrics and the provocative visuals accompanying the song have fueled tensions. The song's debut, alongside Lamar's album, stirred controversy, drawing sharp reactions from fans and industry insiders alike.

Ross, known for his collaborations with both Drake and Lamar, finds himself in a delicate position. His actions at the Vancouver concert suggest a deliberate alignment with Lamar, a move that has significant implications for his relationships within the industry.

As the dust settles from the Vancouver altercation, the broader impact on Ross's career and his affiliations within the hip-hop community remains to be seen. The incident serves as a reminder of the powerful emotions and loyalties that music can evoke, and the real-world consequences that can arise from artistic rivalries.