Jennifer Lopez has recently addressed the swirling negativity and ongoing divorce rumors surrounding her marriage to Ben Affleck, providing a glimpse into her current emotional state. In her latest "On the JLo" newsletter sent to subscribers on Wednesday, the multi-talented singer and actress expressed gratitude to her fans for their support, particularly for making her new Netflix film, "Atlas," the number one movie on the platform.

"Hi everybody, I just found out some great news and it's all because of YOU!! 'ATLAS' is #1 worldwide again this week!!! Thank you all so much!!!" Lopez wrote in the newsletter. She continued, "It may seem like there's a lot of negativity out in the world right now...but don't let the voices of a few drown out that there is soooo much love out there."

Lopez, 54, concluded her heartfelt message by expressing her deep appreciation for her fans and assuring them of her love. This message arrives at a crucial time as speculation continues to mount about the status of her marriage to Affleck.

In light of these rumors, some public relations experts suggest that the divorce buzz might be a strategic move to divert attention from her professional struggles. PR specialist Mayah Riaz advised approaching the rumors with skepticism, noting that it is not uncommon for celebrities to face speculation and rumors, particularly during challenging periods in their careers.

"It's no wonder there's speculation about the divorce rumors surrounding her and Ben could have been created to distract from her career downfall," Riaz commented. "Divorce rumors or personal life distractions can sometimes serve as a strategy to divert attention from any professional setbacks."

Another industry expert, Ryan McCormick, suggested that Lopez might be dealing with a private issue she prefers to keep confidential. However, he also pointed out that the issue could revolve around low ticket sales for her canceled tour. Performing in front of empty seats could "damage her image," prompting the decision to cancel the tour as a strategic move to avert a larger PR crisis. The divorce buzz could be used to her advantage by claiming she is focusing on her family.

These speculations come after Lopez announced the cancellation of her "This Is Me... Live" tour due to disappointing ticket sales. Critics have also labeled her latest Netflix movie, "Atlas," a "disappointing flop," and there are rumors about the possible cancellation of her Las Vegas residency. These professional setbacks have led to increased scrutiny of her personal life, with rumors of marital issues with Affleck dominating headlines.

In an interview with The Mirror, Riaz shared her insights into the timing of these rumors, highlighting key events such as Lopez's tour alterations, including the cancellation of seven dates in March 2024 and the rebranding of the tour from "This Is Me... Now" to "This Is Me... Live: The Greatest Hits."

Riaz explained, "Celebrities often encounter gossip and speculation, especially when they are navigating difficult periods in their professional lives. When faced with challenges, some may resort to using divorce rumors or personal controversies to distract from setbacks."

Lopez's newsletter and her focus on positivity appear to be a deliberate attempt to counteract the negative narratives. By thanking her fans and emphasizing the success of "Atlas," she aims to shift the conversation back to her professional achievements.

As speculation continues, the true state of Lopez's marriage to Affleck remains unclear. While the rumors may serve as a distraction from her career challenges, it is also possible that Lopez is genuinely navigating personal issues in private. Regardless of the underlying reasons, the timing of these rumors and her response highlight the complex interplay between personal and professional lives in the public eye.