Amid swirling rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage, public relations experts suggest that the speculation might be a strategic move to divert attention from potential challenges affecting the singer's career. The timing of these rumors coincides with a series of professional setbacks for Lopez, raising questions about their origin and purpose.

Lopez recently announced the cancellation of her "This Is Me... Live" tour due to disappointing ticket sales. Additionally, her latest Netflix movie, "Atlas," has been criticized as a "disappointing flop," and there are rumors about the possible cancellation of her Las Vegas residency. These professional challenges have led some to speculate that the rumors about her marriage to Affleck are a deliberate distraction.

In an interview with The Mirror, PR specialist Mayah Riaz expressed skepticism about the rumors, suggesting they might be an attempt to shift the focus away from Lopez's career difficulties. Riaz highlighted key events, such as the cancellation of seven tour dates in March 2024 and the rebranding of the tour from "This Is Me... Now" to "This Is Me... Live: The Greatest Hits." Given the current speculation about her possible divorce from Affleck, some question whether these rumors were intentionally circulated.

"Celebrities often encounter gossip and speculation, especially when navigating difficult periods in their professional lives," Riaz explained. She emphasized that credible confirmation is essential before drawing conclusions about the state of Lopez and Affleck's marriage.

PR expert Ryan McCormick echoed Riaz's perspective, suggesting that Lopez might be facing a personal challenge she prefers to keep private. "It could be about her marriage to Affleck, which seems to be under intense scrutiny daily. However, it may also be that ticket sales haven't been exceptional," McCormick said. He added, "If Lopez is seen performing in half-filled arenas, it'll harm her image. Cancelling the tour may have been a choice between the lesser of two PR disasters."

Publicist Michael Levine shared his insights on the decision to cancel Lopez's upcoming tour, stating, "Despite her unparalleled talent and dedication, the tour faced numerous challenges, including reports of low ticket sales and the need to cancel several dates."

The speculation about Lopez and Affleck's marriage was fueled by their recent public appearance. The couple was seen at Affleck's son's basketball game, where Affleck greeted Lopez with an air kiss on the cheek. Body language expert Blanca Cobb analyzed their interaction for Fox News, noting that the kiss appeared more platonic than romantic. "It's a kiss on the cheek, like when you see a friend. Even his stance, the way his body is angled, is more platonic than romantic," Cobb observed.

Cobb also noted Lopez's reserved demeanor, suggesting she might be guarding herself emotionally. "Lopez's body language, holding her purse close to her midsection, indicates she is protecting herself psychologically," Cobb explained. She added that such physical distance could be a response to relationship issues, contributing to emotional turmoil.

These observations have led to further speculation about the state of Lopez and Affleck's marriage. However, without credible confirmation, it remains uncertain whether the rumors are a strategic PR move or an indication of actual marital difficulties.