Jennifer Lopez is reportedly holding her husband Ben Affleck responsible for the recent downturn in her career, particularly following the underwhelming reception of her self-financed $20 million project, which included her album "This Is Me... Now" and a companion documentary centered around their love story.

Insiders close to the couple suggest that the strain from the project's failure is causing significant tension in their marriage, with Lopez allegedly contemplating the decision to marry Affleck as a mistake, according to Globe magazine.

The project's lackluster performance has led to a blame game, with Lopez purportedly criticizing Affleck for not providing sufficient support during its development and promotion. "She's convinced it failed because Ben's such a dead weight around her neck," a source disclosed, highlighting the frustration Lopez felt due to Affleck's perceived lack of enthusiasm, particularly at the documentary's premiere where he "would barely smile for the cameras."

The core of the issue, however, may lie deeper than the recent project's failure. Differences in personality and lifestyle have been pointed out as potential catalysts for the couple's troubles. Lopez, known for her dynamic and extroverted persona, contrasts starkly with Affleck's more reserved and media-wary nature. "You don't have to be a genius to realize they're mismatched," an insider remarked, shedding light on the fundamental disparities between the two.

Adding to the complexity of their relationship is Affleck's ongoing battle with sobriety and his commitment to maintaining a strong presence in the lives of his children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. These responsibilities, coupled with Lopez's alleged involvement in the marital dynamics of Affleck's close friend Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, have only added to the strain.

Efforts to salvage their relationship have reportedly led the couple to seek therapy, though the challenges seem to persist. Lopez's dissatisfaction stems from a perceived tarnishing of her star status, which she attributes to Affleck's influence. "Now her reputation as the world's greatest star - in her mind - has been tarnished with failure, and she believes it's his fault," the source added, indicating a deep-seated rift that may be difficult to mend.

As Lopez and Affleck navigate these tumultuous waters, the future of their marriage remains uncertain. The couple, once celebrated for rekindling their early-2000s romance, now faces the daunting task of addressing their differences and finding common ground amidst professional setbacks and personal disagreements.