Taylor Swift, renowned for her chart-topping music and high-profile relationships, has reportedly been charmed by the athleticism and rugged appeal of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. However, it appears that Kelce's less refined habits, including his choice of language and dining etiquette, are beginning to grate on the pop sensation. At 34, both have achieved significant success in their respective fields, but Swift's growing discomfort with Kelce's "crude jock ways" is becoming a point of contention between the couple.

Kelce, also 34, is known for his prowess on the football field, but his off-field behavior, particularly his penchant for profanity on his New Heights podcast with brother Jason, has left Swift less than impressed. "Taylor adores Travis but wishes he wouldn't use so many F-bombs," a source close to Swift revealed. This issue of language is compounded by Kelce's table manners—or lack thereof. "He shovels back his food so quickly and talks with his mouth open," the insider added, highlighting the growing list of grievances, according to Globe magazine.

Moreover, Kelce's dietary habits, driven by the demands of his athletic training, have led to some uncomfortable moments for Swift, particularly regarding his "bad gas." "He eats so much protein... and he doesn't think twice about letting one go when he needs to, no matter who's in the room," the source disclosed. Swift's reaction to these indiscretions has been one of dismay, with calls for Kelce to seek the guidance of an etiquette coach to refine his manners.

Despite these challenges, the bond between Swift and Kelce remains strong, with sources noting, "Tay-Tay loves him, but she really wants him to get it together." Swift's social circle includes numerous A-list events, and for Kelce to be a part of that world, improvements in his social graces will be necessary. "If he wants to come along, he's going to have to learn better table manners and find a way to stop cursing," the insider stressed.

The relationship, which began in September, has been a public affair, with Swift regularly seen supporting Kelce at his NFL games and celebrating his team's Super Bowl victory. Kelce's presence at Swift's Eras Tour performances in Australia, Singapore, and planned visits in Europe signifies the couple's commitment to each other amidst their busy schedules.

As engagement rumors continue to circulate around the high-profile pair, the insider remarked, "Travis is the nicest, most generous guy she's known, and so different from the musicians and actors she's dated before." This sentiment underscores Swift's belief in the potential for change, despite the apparent "setbacks" of dating a "rugged, all-American jock."

As Swift and Kelce navigate their relationship, the question remains whether Swift's influence and Kelce's willingness to adapt can bridge the gap between their differing lifestyles and social expectations.