Amidst the ongoing tumult within the British royal family, Queen Camilla is reportedly wracked with concern over the toll that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's public criticisms are taking on King Charles III's health.

Palace insiders have conveyed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's actions could be exacerbating the king's fragile state as he battles cancer. According to a source, as reported by Globe magazine, "Camilla fears the stress is sapping his resistance and his will to live."

The royal family has been embroiled in controversy since Harry and Meghan relocated to California in 2020, using public platforms to voice their grievances with the monarchy. These revelations are said to be contributing to King Charles III's health decline, with a palace insider noting, "His Majesty's health has taken a decided turn for the worse in recent weeks."

The strain of the situation has led to speculation that King Charles III might consider abdicating in favor of his eldest son, Prince William. However, such a move is fraught with its own risks, potentially provoking further backlash from the Sussexes, who have levied serious accusations against the royal institution, including claims of racism and mistreatment.

The discord within the royal family is further complicated by the alleged cold reception of Harry by his brother William, especially during a recent visit following the king's cancer diagnosis. A high-ranking member of The Firm revealed, "Future king William made it plain he would not tolerate Harry's presence for a single heartbeat."

Despite these tensions, Prince Harry is purportedly seeking an apology from his father, a demand that seems unlikely to be met under the current circumstances. The Sussexes' desire to return to Britain as "working royals, but on their own terms," adds another layer of complexity to the already fraught situation.

The ongoing royal family saga, with its mix of personal health struggles and public discord, presents a bleak picture of the monarchy's internal dynamics. One insider lamented the impact on King Charles III, stating, "For Camilla, it's just horrific watching Charles wither away."

As the situation continues to evolve, the future of the royal family and King Charles III's health remain subjects of intense speculation and concern.