In a recent string of appearances and social media activities by Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, skepticism and controversy have surrounded her post-abdominal surgery recovery period. The latest to join the chorus of doubters is Piers Morgan, who expressed concerns about Kate's appearance in a Mother’s Day photo shared by the royal family. Morgan, known for his outspoken opinions, suggested that the photo might not be a recent snapshot as claimed by Kensington Palace, citing discrepancies in the Princess's appearance.

Morgan articulated his skepticism on his show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, questioning the timeline of the photo's capture. "I’m not convinced that the picture of Kate herself was taken the week before," he stated, revealing that an acquaintance who encountered Kate around the same time observed a noticeable difference in her physical appearance. "She was described to me as being thinner than usual," Morgan added, hinting at a potential mismatch between the royal's real-time condition and the image presented in the Mother's Day photo.

The controversy over Kate's recent photo is just a chapter in a series of puzzling events following her abdominal surgery in January. Kate's prolonged absence from the public eye has fueled speculation and concern, with Morgan recently disclosing that he had heard "alarming things" about the Princess's health, though he admitted the ambiguity surrounding the situation. "I don’t know what to believe, nor do any of us – we’re not there," Morgan expressed, reflecting the widespread uncertainty.

The debate intensified after the royal family's Mother’s Day post, which later turned out to be edited by Kate herself. "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing," the Princess acknowledged, addressing the confusion the photo may have caused among the public.

Kate's recent appearance with Prince William at the Windsor Farm Shop did little to quell the rumors, with some still speculating about the use of a body double or suggesting the footage was from an earlier visit. Morgan, while empathetic towards Kate's health struggles, cautioned against any potential misleading by the royal household regarding the timing of the photo. "My sympathy will erode if it turns out that she and the palace have deliberately misled the media and public," Morgan stated, emphasizing the importance of transparency.

As the Easter Sunday on March 31 approaches, expectations are high for Kate's official return to public engagements. The anticipation is not just about her participation in royal duties but also about gaining clarity on the swirling rumors and speculations that have marked the early months of 2024 for the Princess of Wales.