Karen Huger, famously known as the "Grand Dame" of the Potomac, faced a harrowing ordeal late Tuesday night when her 2017 Maserati was involved in a high-speed crash. The incident, which occurred just before midnight in Maryland's Montgomery County, has led to Huger being charged with multiple offenses, including driving while impaired and under the influence of alcohol. The "Real Housewives of Potomac" star is now mandated to appear in court.

The Montgomery County Police Department, upon responding to the incident, described Huger's driving as "aggressive," leading up to the crash. The reality television personality now faces a slew of charges beyond impaired driving. These include negligently and recklessly driving in a manner that endangered lives, driving at speeds exceeding safe limits, operating a vehicle with a suspended registration, and failing to update her address with the authorities within the required timeframe. Despite the gravity of the situation, it appears Huger was not taken into custody at the crash scene.

The fines for Huger's various charges range from a modest $50 to a more substantial $510. In the aftermath, Huger issued a statement expressing her shock and gratitude for having survived the ordeal. She attributed her emotional state to the recent loss of her mother, noting that the grief had been particularly overwhelming as Mother's Day approached.

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Huger recounted the events leading up to the crash, explaining that she had been out to dinner with a friend, discussing emotionally charged topics. The conversation left her in tears, and on her drive home, she encountered another vehicle heading straight for her. In an attempt to avoid a head-on collision, Huger swerved, resulting in her car hitting a divider and then a tree.

Remarkably, Huger emerged from the crash with bruises but no serious injuries, crediting her survival to her seatbelt. She acknowledged receiving citations from the police, including one unrelated to the crash itself. Huger expressed surprise that the other vehicle involved seemingly drove away from the scene without stopping.

Conspicuously absent from Huger's statement was any mention of the DUI or DWI charges filed against her. She concluded her remarks by emphasizing the importance of being aware of one's emotional state while driving, a lesson she likely learned all too well from her own frightening experience.

As Karen Huger navigates the legal ramifications of this incident and the court appearance that looms ahead, the "RHOP" community and her fans are left to ponder the implications of this event for the Grand Dame's reputation and her future on the show.