In a recent episode of "The Late Show," host Stephen Colbert humorously addressed the swirling rumors surrounding Prince William and his alleged affair with Rose Hanbury, a neighbor and Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The comedic take on a potentially sensitive subject has caught the attention of both royal watchers and fans of Colbert's late-night satire, as reported by

Colbert, known for his witty commentary on current events, couldn't resist delving into the conspiracy theories that have recently engulfed the British royal family, particularly those suggesting a connection between Kate Middleton's scarce public appearances and the rekindled rumors of Prince William's infidelity.

With a characteristic mix of sympathy and sarcasm, Colbert expressed faux concern for Kate before gleefully diving into the "hot goss," ready to "spill the tea" on the royal scandal. The comedic host didn't hold back, poking fun at the posh and peculiar names involved, including Hanbury's aristocratic title and her husband's name, David Rocksavage, which Colbert quipped sounded more like a character from "The Flintstones" than British nobility.

The alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury has been a topic of tabloid speculation since 2019. Colbert referenced a report from Cosmopolitan that detailed an alleged confrontation between Kate and William over his supposed liaisons with Hanbury. William's reported dismissal of the accusations with laughter only added fuel to Colbert's comedic fire.

The royal family, through Kensington Palace, has staunchly denied the affair allegations, labeling them as "totally wrong and false." However, the rumors have gained new life amid recent events, including a controversial photo posted by Kate on the platform formerly known as Twitter. The image, intended to quell speculation about her absence, instead raised eyebrows due to apparent photoshop alterations and the conspicuous absence of Kate's wedding ring.

The photo's questionable authenticity led major news agencies, including the AP and Reuters, to retract their coverage of it, further complicating the narrative for the Prince and Princess of Wales. In an unusual move for a royal, Kate later issued an apology for the edited photo, admitting to occasional experimentation with photo editing.

Colbert's humorous take on the situation underscores the public's fascination with royal controversies, blending genuine concern for the individuals involved with a lighthearted approach to the absurdity of high-profile gossip. As the royal family navigates these choppy waters, Colbert's "The Late Show" remains a platform where current events meet comedy, providing a unique perspective on the saga enveloping Prince William and Kate Middleton.