During a recent episode of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," host Stephen Colbert, 59, delved into the swirling rumors surrounding the British royal family, specifically addressing speculation about Prince William's fidelity and Kate Middleton's recent public absence. Colbert humorously suggested that the Duchess of Cambridge's low profile might be tied to allegations of Prince William's infidelity, specifically naming Sarah Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, as the rumored other woman.

Colbert recounted the longstanding rumors of an affair that have plagued William and Hanbury since 2019, highlighting a past incident where Kate supposedly confronted William, only for him to dismiss the allegations. Hanbury, 39, married to David Rocksavage, a friend of William, has been at the center of these rumors for years, though there has never been concrete evidence to support the claims. Despite the lack of confirmation from Kensington Palace, the speculation has persisted, fueled by the British tabloids.

Royal reporter Richard Kay provided some context, noting that both parties have contemplated legal action but refrained due to the absence of concrete evidence supporting the rumors of a rift. He emphasized that the damaging speculation was baseless and that there was no truth to the claims of a falling out.

Adding to the intrigue, Kate Middleton recently became the subject of conspiracy theories after making only two public appearances since her surgery in January. The speculation intensified following a Mother's Day post featuring a photo of Kate with her children, which was later withdrawn by leading photo agencies like Reuters and the Associated Press after claims of alteration.

Kate addressed the controversy head-on, acknowledging on X (formerly Twitter) her experimentation with photo editing and expressing regret for any confusion the altered Mother's Day photo may have caused. This candid admission from the Duchess attempted to quell the swirling rumors and offered a rare glimpse into the private lives of the royals.

Colbert's satirical take on the royal rumors highlights the persistent fascination with the British royal family and the ease with which speculation can spiral, especially in the absence of official confirmation. As the royal family navigates these public narratives, the balance between privacy and public interest continues to be a delicate one, with late-night satire adding another layer to the ongoing discourse surrounding Britain's most famous family.