The months-long absence of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, from the public eye has sparked a flurry of speculation and rumors, with some netizens even suggesting that her marriage to Prince William may be on the rocks or even over. The Palace announced in January that Middleton had undergone abdominal surgery and would not return to her royal duties until after Easter, but her prolonged disappearance has led to various theories about her health and the state of her relationship with the Prince of Wales.

Middleton was finally spotted in public on Monday, sitting in the passenger seat of an Audi driven by her mother, Carole Middleton. However, many questioned the sighting, with some claiming that the person in the car looked more like Michael Jackson than the Princess of Wales.

Enstars reported that the lack of public appearances by the royal couple together has further fueled the divorce rumors. "The marriage is done. [The] problem is there is no Queen Elizabeth II to order them to stop the shenanigans and announce the divorce. King Charles the Weak can't control his son. Kate Middleton is hiding from him and issuing separate briefings. Kensington Palace is William only," one user claimed on social media.

Another user questioned the Palace's decision to remove Middleton's name from a website that many thought was promoting her return to royal duties, stating, "Since when does Kate go to the event without coordinating with the palace? It seems Kate Middleton attending the Trooping The Colour was not approved by Prince William. Carole Middleton is working hard on divorce negotiations."

Despite the rampant speculation, several netizens have come to the defense of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's relationship, praising Prince William for his strong stance on protecting his family's privacy. Tom Bradby, a former royal correspondent and friend of Prince William who attended the 2011 royal wedding as a guest, was quoted as saying, "I have really been struck over the last 10 years about how determined he has been to protect. He's tried to effectively create this iron wall around his friends and his girlfriend. You kind of worry for them that this is the moment the world gets let in."

One user echoed this sentiment, tweeting, "They know how he approaches things after years of Butting heads. When it comes to his family and private life, William is in charge, and they are hands off."

Another user highlighted the longevity of the couple's relationship, stating, "His detractors know [the] most important thing Prince William has is his family, this is sacred for him. W&C have been 23years together, that's why we see constant attacks on his marriage. But he's true to his word, promised to protect her & is doing it. #PrincessofWales."

In addition to the divorce rumors, concerns about Middleton's health have also been a topic of discussion, with some questioning if she was in a coma or even still alive. When she was finally spotted on Monday, many claimed she looked different, leading to speculation that she may have undergone cosmetic surgery during her time away from the public eye.

Amid the various theories and rumors circulating online, Prince William, who took a break from his royal duties earlier this year to care for his wife and children following her surgery, has broken his silence. In a statement to People magazine, his spokesman dismissed the noise on social media, stating, "His focus is on his work and not on social media."

As the public continues to speculate about the state of the royal couple's marriage and Middleton's health, it remains clear that Prince William is committed to protecting his family's privacy and maintaining a strong focus on his work and responsibilities as the future King. While the rumors and theories may persist, the Prince of Wales appears determined to rise above the gossip and maintain the integrity and stability of his family life.