Gary Goldsmith, Kate Middleton's uncle, has vocally defended the Princess of Wales against allegations of racism, a controversy that has resurfaced due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's previous public statements.

During a stint on ITV's "Celebrity Big Brother," Goldsmith addressed the claims made against Middleton, particularly in light of Omid Scobie's book "Endgame," which suggested Middleton and King Charles were the royals concerned about the skin color of Harry and Meghan's then-unborn child, Archie. Goldsmith vehemently denied these allegations, emphasizing the non-racist nature of his family and expressing his frustration with Harry and Meghan's narrative.

The dispute traces back to Harry and Meghan's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they suggested that some royals had made racially insensitive remarks, leading to widespread speculation and media frenzy.

However, Prince Harry clarified in a subsequent interview with ITV's Tom Bradby that their intent was not to label the royal family as racists but to highlight instances of unconscious bias. This distinction, according to Prince Harry, is crucial in understanding the difference between unintended bias and outright racism.

Goldsmith's candid comments on "Celebrity Big Brother" reflect his protective stance towards his niece, Kate, and the wider Middleton family. Despite his willingness to speak out, insiders suggest that his decision to join the reality show was met with apprehension from the Middleton family and could potentially strain relations further.

The Middletons reportedly fear that Goldsmith's participation in the show could bring unwelcome attention and stress to Kate, who is already navigating the complexities of royal life and public scrutiny.

As the saga unfolds, the underlying tensions between the Sussexes and certain members of the royal family remain evident. Goldsmith's outspoken defense of Kate Middleton and his dismissal of the racism allegations as "absolute bulls***t" underscore the deep divisions and differing perspectives within the extended family.

While Goldsmith insists he would never do anything to embarrass the royals, his public statements and participation in "Celebrity Big Brother" add another layer to the ongoing narrative surrounding the royal family's internal dynamics and public image.

This ongoing controversy highlights the challenges faced by the royal family as they navigate accusations of racism and unconscious bias amidst an era of heightened awareness and sensitivity towards racial issues.

As both the royal family and the Sussexes continue to address these complex issues in their respective platforms, the public remains engrossed in the evolving story, which touches on themes of family loyalty, public responsibility, and the journey towards understanding and addressing unconscious bias.