The marriage of Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has recently been under significant strain, with sources close to the couple revealing ongoing tensions. Despite these challenges, both Lopez and Affleck are determined to work through their difficulties to sustain their relationship.

A recent trip to St. Barts reportedly led to a heated argument between the couple, according to an insider speaking to Star, as reported by OK! Magazine. The source noted that Lopez's demanding schedule and particular preferences caused visible annoyance for Affleck. This tension seemingly escalated during the filming of "Unstoppable: The Anthony Robles Story," where both sought to disprove perceptions of being "box-office poison."

Despite the apparent strain, friends of Lopez and Affleck remain hopeful about the couple's future. An insider claimed that while the relationship has its ups and downs, the underlying love and commitment are still strong. "They get on each other's nerves and then it's amazing. It's always hills and valleys with them," the source added.

Another angle of concern comes from Lopez's perspective. An additional source highlighted that Lopez might be overlooking potential red flags in her marriage due to her deep feelings for Affleck. "Jen says she and Ben have PTSD from all the scrutiny the first time around, and then in the next breath, she's promoting this movie about their relationship," the insider explained. This approach is seen as potentially inviting public scrutiny back into their private lives.

The way Lopez has been intertwining her personal and professional life, particularly in using her marriage and private moments to promote her album, has not gone unnoticed. This strategy has raised concerns about its potential to backfire and attract negative media attention.

Adding to the complexity of their situation is the reported lack of support from Affleck's close friend, Matt Damon. This further illustrates the various pressures and external opinions that the couple is navigating.

In summary, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage is currently navigating a period of stress and tension. While they face challenges both in their personal interactions and public perceptions, they remain committed to working on their relationship. Their story reflects the intricate balance between personal life and public image, especially in the high-pressure environment of Hollywood.