Harry Styles, the renowned Grammy-winning singer and actor, was once in the running to play an iconic character in the "Mean Girls" movie franchise. This revelation was made in a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter by "Mean Girls" directors Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr.

During their interview, Jayne and Perez Jr. disclosed that there was serious consideration for casting Harry Styles as Glen Coco, a character from the beloved film. "There are certain iconic lines where we would joke that there would be riots in the streets if it wasn't in there," the directors shared. The idea of Styles in the role was floated, with Perez Jr. pondering, "could we ask, like, Harry Styles?" to which Jayne responded enthusiastically, "We were like Harry Styles could be Glen Coco!"

However, the directors ultimately decided against casting any specific actor for Glen Coco, opting instead for a creative fourth wall break. "Then we were like, hold on, we love to break the fourth wall: What if we are all Glen Coco? So, after 20 years, we can all feel like Glen Coco," they explained.

Contrary to some beliefs, the 2024 "Mean Girls" movie is based on the Broadway musical adaptation of the story, rather than the 2004 film. This newer version incorporates changes from the musical, offering a fresh perspective that may surprise fans unfamiliar with the Broadway show.

"Mean Girls" has proven to be a box office hit, grossing $32 million over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, as reported by Variety. The film's performance is impressive, nearly matching its $36 million budget, and it continues to generate buzz, promising more success in the weeks ahead.

Had Harry Styles been cast as Glen Coco, it would have represented a significant move for the franchise, given Styles' immense popularity. Keeping such a casting decision under wraps would have been a considerable challenge for the cast and crew.

In summary, the directors of the "Mean Girls" film adaptation contemplated casting Harry Styles in a key role, ultimately choosing a more unconventional approach to the character. The film, while drawing from its Broadway roots, has made a strong impact at the box office, underscoring the enduring appeal of the "Mean Girls" phenomenon.