In a surprising pivot, Will Smith is reportedly considering a return to his musical roots amid a career impasse in Hollywood following the infamous Oscars incident. The actor, whose slap of comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, is said to be eyeing the rap scene he once dominated as a fresh start.

Smith, known for his clean and family-friendly image during his rap career with DJ Jazzy Jeff in the late '80s and early '90s, is launching a new podcast titled "Class of '88." This venture is a nod to the era's rap icons, such as Queen Latifah and Run-DMC, and marks Smith's initial step back into the music industry. The podcast will explore the stories and impact of these groundbreaking artists, including his own journey with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Despite being widely blackballed in Hollywood post-Oscars, sources close to Smith suggest that the rap community views his actions not as a crime but as a badge of honor. This perception could pave the way for his musical comeback, with an insider stating, "No one holds it against him and it makes Will feel that is where he can make his comeback."

However, friends of Smith believe that if he is to make a successful return to rap, he may need to adapt his style. Known for avoiding profanity in his lyrics, the new Will Smith could present a more hardened edge, reflecting the trials he's faced in recent times. This includes the public airing of his marital issues with Jada Pinkett Smith, who disclosed in her memoir the couple's seven-year separation and her infidelities.

Despite these personal challenges, Smith has maintained a positive outlook, expressing nothing but love for Jada, whom he still considers his "best friend." At a recent event promoting her memoir, Smith supported his wife, describing their marriage as "brutiful" — a blend of brutal and beautiful experiences.

As Smith navigates this potential career transition, the entertainment world watches with bated breath. Will the Fresh Prince reclaim his throne in the rap kingdom, or will this be another chapter in the actor's storied career? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Will Smith is not one to shy away from reinvention.